Life and Pets

Fait accompli!

Well… it’s “sort of” done. This afternoon, I finished the job of tiling the huge shower stall at the new house. Grouting comes next and a bit of caulking at the floor.

I’m pleased with the project: it’s not perfect, but I struggled hard (and long) and did my best. After I thought I was finished, I noticed a tile that had gone quite askew when my back was turned. I pried it off, scraped it clean and then reinstalled it. If I was a perfectionist, I would be disturbed by the variance in the grout lines which were supposed to be precisely 3/16″, but are anywhere between 1//8″ to more than 1/4″. Yes, it’s noticeable, but I’m hoping that grout will make it all look better.

As the job went on, I got more comfortable with the tile saw and the tile cutter, and of course tools like the notched trowel. I didn’t like the work enough to do much more of it; oh, wait … I still have at least the backsplash in the kitchen to do, but that will be a relatively small project with not too much cutting and piecing.


The bright spot on the back wall, of course, is the reflection of the sun tunnel/solar tube thingy in the ceiling.

I had visitors at the little house today. While I was out the back door, washing the tile saw on the tiny patio (Ray Miller picked up a section of sidewalk from the front yard and neatly deposited at the back of the house before he poured the wheelchair ramp), I thought I heard knocking. Sure enough, there were friends at the front door.

Deb and Barry got the tour. I enjoy that my women friends all “get” some of my quirky design features, and most of the menfolk just listen politely but don’t seem enthused. My more unusual choices are harmless flights of fancy, perhaps, but in some cases add efficiency to the living space.

Our friends said that the new wheelchair ramp and Gary’s horseshoe had been “noticed by the neighbourhood”. We also talked about what rumors had been going around about the reason for replacing the home … “Are Gary and Ann moving into town?” and even more creative musings. I don’t blame people for speculating, but I don’t want anyone to fear that the Pet Hostel is closing any time soon.

At one point yesterday, while working at the house, I decided I needed a comfortable chair. I haven’t wanted to furnish the house too fully until I scrub and seal the floors. I nipped out to the shed and found the item, and almost ran right into a spider web in the doorway.

I had noticed the web before and made a mental note not to walk right into it. Today, however, there was a sizable arachnid ON her web. I don’t want to kill the creature, but at some point I will take a broom and relocate it to the fence, or anywhere that it won’t end up in my hair. She is about the size of a nickle.


I love how giant the spider looks against the power lines in the background! Whew … thank goodness for small mercies.

The Pet Hostel is quiet again this weekend. I have some measure of guilt that I haven’t spent as many hours in the company of the dogs (and resident cats) as usual in the last couple of days. Tomorrow, however, I need to take a break from finishing work at the wee house, and will lavish affection and some grooming on our doggy guests.











As well, we have Jasper & Timber, and Blitzen, but I’m too tired to blog (and load pictures) any more tonight!

Love you!

~ Ann


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