Life and Pets

A very good day …

Some days just strike a person as great. It’s not that today was easier than many, but it seemed like I had a few small successes and no glaring failures.

Had lunch with a friend … always a good thing! That wasn’t even the start of the day. Had breakfast with Gary, also always a good thing, and then I took a boarding dog out to Dr. Vogel’s in Dunster for a routine follow-up type of check up. (So I drove for 40 minutes total, waited 1/2 hour, and the checkup took 3 minutes!)

I managed to get back and finish caring for the doggy guests and then went to the new house to meet the guy from Total Tops for the official measuring of the kitchen cabinets for countertop. The company does not guarantee their product or the “fitting” unless they do the measurements and the installation themselves. Trevor liked the miniature kitchen and the rest of the small home, including the shower stall that is like a dance hall.

Since the last time I visited the new house, Ray Miller and crew poured this beautiful sidewalk, sloping up to the front porch. You can also see the horseshoe that Gary planted in it. As far as I know, there isn’t as fine a “ramp” in all of McBride, nor a horseshoe in a sidewalk. I feel rather proud and pleased.

IMG_5322 IMG_5323 IMG_5324

After lunch I rushed back in time to meet folks who wanted to drop off a dog at 2 pm., only to find that they had left a message saying they would be here at 4 pm. instead. Such is the nature of the business. After that point, I groomed two little dogs and one sizable Golden Retriever who didn’t want to be bathed, brushed or have nails done.


You woke me!



You might have laughed at me. “Tucker” was just here for the day, and his owners had not said that they wanted him clipped. However, I felt safe throwing in a grooming job because of all they have done for us, and it seemed like the little dog was due. I was running out of time, though. So at first I just cleaned under his tail and then wiped his eyes. No… our friends were still not coming down the road. So I trimmed his feet a bit and clipped his toenails. Still nobody coming down the road for Tucker. So I sheared his undercarriage and then his legs. Then I took a big chance and clipped the rest of the whole dog short (as the owners like him). Just as I was wondering if I had time to bath and dry him, along came his family! I had time to spritz the dog wish ShowSheen as the friends drove up. They were really pleased; I think they had not wanted to ask me to groom Tucker as they knew I was rather booked up already. It was my pleasure.



Rosie was just here for one day, “overnight” really, but I didn’t get her bathed and brushed last night as I was so tired. I just finished HER before her family came, too!

In other words, it was a day that, though it seemed hectic, everything fell into place. Princess and Hunter came for a few days, and Ajax, Tucker and Rosie went home.

If I play my cards right, I will have time to work on tiling at the other house tomorrow.

Love, Ann

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