Life and Pets

Weary …

Today I didn’t get off the place, so there was no visit to the little house and certainly no work (tiling or any sort of work) done by me.

In the afternoon, Gary phoned and said he was at the house and that Ray and crew had poured a sidewalk up to the front porch! Evidently it is a gentle incline (for wheelchair accessibility) and I can hardly wait to see it for myself. Then Gary asked if I minded if he placed a horseshoe into the sidewalk: of course I thought that was brilliant! My shop and Gary’s shop have horseshoes in the concrete slab, and I was wishing there was one inside the front entrance at the the house. A horseshoe in the pavement outside will be great … sort of like our own trademark.

I tiled until after 11 last night; I snoozed after supper after working at the house most of the day, and then decided to go back. I am not doing the expert job that I envisioned and I’m hoping that the addition of grout will make the project look more professional. After consulting with Gary, Caylen and Ray, I changed the design of the shower stall as it ascends the walls, and I like the effect, but there are even more tile cuts to be made and I have not gained much confidence. In fact, I seem to be making more mistakes and cutting or sawing even more awkwardly. I measure and remeasure and still get things wrong. It preys on my confidence. I’ll get through this.


Today I was boarding Timber & Jasper, Buddy, Willis, Ajax, Sadie & Nellie, Muddy & Tia, Heidi the cat, and Woezel. This morning Buddy went home, and this afternoon, Muddy, Tia, Willis and Heidi left.

Woezel is a labradoodle who is staying for a few days, and his owners wanted him groomed. He was such a good boy, even though only 6 months old!


I also groomed little Cleo and Snoopi today. I gave Muddy and Tia a little “whore’s bath” each, spritzed them with ShowSheen, and did their nails so they looked extra good when they went home. The day seemed inordinately hectic, though three dogs would not be a big day for most groomers. Then again, I had a lot of other dog-related work to do.

Well folks, once again I’m almost asleep while trying to tell you about the day. I have such a happy life, but worry about those who suffer. I know some folks who are going through some huge challenges. As well, friends of ours have a little girl who went through back surgery today, and I have been trying to send positive thoughts and affection while waiting for news.

Love you, my friends.

~ Ann

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