Life and Pets

I tile …

The tiling in the shower stall is not going quite as well as I’d hoped. I mean that it isn’t as simple and quick, but I don’t regret taking on my own challenge and being resolute in doing it “all by myself”. Yes, I am two years old.

I just got home (it’s 10 pm.) after having poked my finger with a shard of tile, and coincidentally coming to a logical place to stop. It’s when one gets tired that one makes big mistakes or gets hurt.

I haven’t screwed up too thoroughly. To the best of my ability, each tile is level. I’m afraid that some of the grout lines are not even. This is all I’m going to say about that.

My biggest challenge of the day was to make 5″ holes for the plumbing valves in the shower. I knew that a square opening would be covered by the “plate” that comes with each fixture, but I felt I’d be more satisfied with a round opening that matched what the plumber sawed into the backer board. Trouble is, ceramic tile is awfully difficult to saw through, at least in that shape. But I did it! The fact that it is not a PERFECT circle might never be discovered in my lifetime.


The rest of the tile looks like this so far:


I came home early this afternoon to groom a favourite old dog, Mecho:


Yesterday I groomed Ladybug:


As you can tell, the Pet Hostel workload is not quite as onerous as it was in the summer. I still couldn’t do without the wonderful pet scene, but the fact that it’s slower means more time for finishing the little house.

That is all for now. I hope you are all very well, and if you are not so well, that you find strength to get through your trauma or challenge. Remember that someone loves you very much.

~ Ann

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