Life and Pets


My heart hurts after learning the news that a tiny girl was found murdered at Blairmore, as well as her young father. I didn’t feel like posting anything tonight, as tragedies like this make any problems or solutions to do with the new house or any part of my life seem trivial. I certainly don’t feel like watching the “true crime” channel that I usually tune into at night.

I just came back from the little house. While the “team” (Caylen and his sister) are working during the day, I try to stay out of the way. This evening, I wanted to see if I could sweep/vacuum and mop the floors, and perhaps try out an expensive sealer I had purchased.

No matter how much scrubbing I did with water, Dawn dishsoap, and “elbow grease” (or as my stepmom called it, “Norwegian Steam”), I could not restore those floors to the deep black that they WERE and that I expected. I was trying to remove ground-in gyproc dust for the most part, which had been swept up more than once. It seems like this “bloom” is there forever, as well as scrapes and gouges from construction. There are many of what I call, “artifacts”, which I expected: the floor was poured, power troweled and polished while the spring winds blew a few spruce needles and other debris onto it. There are a couple of “divots” that I think I can fill with black grout before I seal the floor. But tonight where I sealed the floor in the utility room? It just looks like dirty concrete. I think I should have bought and applied the sealer at the beginning of the construction.

As I drove into McBride, I bought a large cup of coffee, and then, while I worked, it got cold. I was enduring the chilly drink until suddenly I thought, “WAIT a minute … there’s a microwave here…”, and so I took that appliance on its maiden voyage. Works fine, of course.

I walk through the new home just testing light switches and fans and marveling at the workmanship. Caylen’s attention to detail in what HE does is amazing … perfectly mitered corners, nail holes filled: artistry and intuition every day. His 15 year old sister has done almost all of the painting or staining of trim, but she also can mitre a corner and do other carpentry very well.


I can’t get any other pictures to load. Was going to share pics of a few of the wonderful doggies that have been in my care. I will have to give up for now.

My heart is heavy though we don’t know the family involved in the tragedy I mentioned. Life will never be the same for those left behind; I really can’t imagine.

Hold your own close if you can.




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