Life and Pets

Cabinet shuffle …

I’m not even talking about Canadian politics!

Yesterday I called the owner of our local building supply store to come over to consult with us at the new house. I was actually pretty panicky: it seemed like the wall oven/microwave oven for the new house was not going to fit into the beautiful cabinet that I’d ordered to fit it. I was sure that we either had the wrong appliance or the wrong cupboard unit, and I had ordered SO carefully.

Ricco consulted with his brother, who is also an experienced builder. John has done plenty of kitchen cabinetry, and avers that the brand new unit will have to be cut and custom configured to fit. My problem with this is that the lovely solid wood and plywood unit (no particle board) cannot be configured without getting rid of a whole DRAWER. Whoever would want to lose a drawer in a carefully thought out kitchen design? I have lots of vertical space in this kitchen and if I had known this would happen, I could have ordered a taller cupboard so that I could have all the drawers. That would make the top profile of the cabinets a varied height, but that’s trendy and acceptable. (I’ll bet they charged me $200 for that drawer.)

Anyway, I’m all agitated tonight. This afternoon, I was over at the little house and hung the toilet paper holder and ONE grab bar (as the home is designed to be wheelchair/senior friendly). I’m happy with what I did, but I’m glad I’m not paying myself by the hour, because I have to think and deliberate for a long time before I put a hole in the brand new gyproc, and use the “stud finder” fifteen times per hole. Then I measured and remeasured the oven/microwave and the open space that the cabinet was shipped in, and I was just gnashing my teeth.


I need counselling and I’m going to ask for it on Monday morning at Home Hardware.

The Pet Hostel is not too terribly busy this weekend. We have Sadie & Nellie, Gus, Zoey, Toxin, Ajax, tiny baby Jasper (a very young blue heeler), Koda, Winter and Loki. I have not had time to take pictures of my beloved “gang” or pack, but they are all cared for and comfortable. Well … am not so sure about the Great Pyrenese dog “Winter”, as she seems to want to sit outside in the rain instead of staying in her large dog house. Her own choice, it seems.

It’s Saturday night. In the interest of having a big drinkin’ night, I might have a second beer.

Love, Ann

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