Life and Pets


While the gyproc was being installed and then the painting was being done, it almost seems like time stood still. I knew that progress was made, but we were away in Nelson for part of that time, and then I also made myself scarce so as not to get in the way.

Here’s an update. Gyproc and painting complete and now the cupboards are mostly installed. I am not sure if our contractor (or his right-hand man) will work over the weekend, but I’m pretty bubbly with enthusiasm:


There are base cupboards for the other wall (on the right in the photo), but not upper cabinets. I will put some configuration of shelving on the wall above the sink. In case you are wondering, the kitchen sink will be wheel-chair friendly (although standard height), so there is a “gap” underneath that section. You can only see a sort of valance there now.

It’s all coming together with very few glitches or major concerns. Trim is getting installed around the windows, and a young lady who works for the contractor is busy painting trim and baseboards. Countertop is ordered. Some appliances were delivered to the site today (meaning that I fetched them from the local building supplier and drove them to the little house.)


It is getting so exciting all over again. The electricity to the house was turned on today, so most of the breakers are operating, though I didn’t take the time to “test” everything. I certainly enjoy the look of the led potlights! Thank you to our friend Dale for suggesting those. The electrician Dave will visit again on Tuesday and “finish”.

Went into Prince George yesterday: the main reason for the excursion was a visit to the bank. It didn’t go as I’d planned, although the loans officer was very nice, even fun. I was missing a document … couldn’t find at the last minute I was told by an accountant I wouldn’t need it. I felt very frustrated to learn that it was essential, and the banker told me that I could get a copy at the “Public CRA office downtown”. I beat my way downtown in Prince George, to a parking space, and then discovered that that office was closed… since 2013! I left a terse voicemail for the nice banker so that she was up-to-date on her information. I have tried to phone CRA on a related matter for months and have been unable to get a person on the line.

I did, however, have a little fun shopping. I don’t shop like most women … it’s my idea of a good time if I can find building supplies, the ones I need, or the ones on sale, and/or the things that I never knew I always wanted. Sometimes a discovery is ALL of those things.

In my enthusiasm to get to Prince George, I neglected to study the fuel gauge intelligently, or ask Gary’s opinion. When I got to Purden Lake, the gauge read “E”, and there were absolutely no white lines indicating any fuel at all. There are gas pumps at Purden Lake, but they were closed as was the restaurant beside them. So with my heart in my throat, I carried on, keeping track as I drove as to my whereabouts and rehearsing my speech to the BCAA (motorclub). It was not enjoyable to travel that way, and I didn’t stop to admire the huge grizzly bear or find a washroom. I later told Gary that it was already a good day, as I hadn’t run out of fuel, and I hadn’t wet my pants. Lesson learned! It would have been SO SIMPLE to fill the tank in McBride.

I scored lots of stuff at Costco, but it wasn’t debauchery. I stuck pretty close to my list of necessities, and was famished by the time I finished, so I had this indulgent lunch:


It looks like I will have to journey to Prince George in the near future again, provided I can get a copy of my 2014 Tax Return or FIND it in this house. I will be furious if I can’t get all the tees crossed and i’s dotted soon. Oh, I’m already upset, but if I want a line of credit in order to finish the house, I will have to play the game.

It’s getting busy for the weekend at the Pet Hostel! We have had a few last minute reservations, which we don’t mind. Perhaps Thursday is not the best day for me to have a “break” away, but Gary is well able to run the business. At this time in 2012, I ran away for almost three weeks!

Take care, everyone.

Love, Ann

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