Life and Pets

Fatigue …

Today I really, really hit the tiredness wall. This is nothing serious, and I’m not even sure what has caused me to be more fatigued this afternoon than many other days.

Yesterday, Gary politely suggested I put an ad on the McBride Facebook Buy & Sell page, to sell what was left of the garlic. All of the harvest work has been done for the garlic, and I’m well able to weigh and sell it, but it hadn’t occurred to me to market it more aggressively (and then was away a whole week). I called some folks that had reserved a pound or two or ten, and suddenly there was a stream of traffic through our place! Today was similar. All of the garlic has sold!


Today I just had one little dog to groom, Cinnabar. He is such a pleasant chap.


Yesterday I processed two “loads” of carrots. I refer to them as loads, because I actually washed them in our washing machine. This usually works very well. Then I cook them until they are firm (not just blanching, but not making mush of them), and chop them coarsely for soups and stew. I never find them rubbery or mushy. Gary does almost all of the vegetable gardening, and this year’s crop was better than we’d ever had. Better than I had ever grown anywhere.

Then today, instead of facing more carrot harvest, I posted these on Facebook also. At the same time, I advertised golden beets, and the first person who responded bought all I had, and then the next person was disappointed. There was some response to the carrot post, but none have left the place yet. I dug quite a few up because someone wanted “10 pounds”, but they meant beets, not carrots. Crap.


We have more carrots in the freezer than we need for the year, as well as peas and potatoes.

Anyway, in mid-afternoon, I made a mistake. I saw a friend’s message, “Can you add 5 pounds to my garlic order that Chris will pick up?”. So I got hold of our mutual friend Chris, and added 5 pounds of garlic to her already large garlic order. Later I realized… her response was written under the “For sale CARROTS” ad! Too late, I had already sent a huge quantity of garlic to the first friend … and no carrots. I am tired.

Funny that I should be dragging my butt now when I managed to survive 31 Festival dogs, and have enjoyed a too-short holiday with Gary followed by the road trip to Alberta. It’s not that busy at the Pet Hostel this week. I guess I’m just a little run-down!

This week, our friends have started painting on the little house! That is inspiring, and I did mean to visit them today, but didn’t actually get away from home. Giving them some privacy couldn’t be a bad thing, though.

I’m just waiting for someone to drop off two dogs for boarding, and then I’m going to get into my jammies early. I think all the real work is done, and the dogs don’t mind if I do the rounds (checking, petting, reassuring) in my ratty old nightie.

Love, Ann

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