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You’ve made my day…

I drove into Prince George today, on another quest for specific building supplies. Specifically, I hoped to find some items on sale.

When I fuelled my truck at our local Husky, the pump didn’t generate a receipt. Since I wanted coffee to go, it was not a problem to step into the Station to get both.

To my surprise, the seemingly terse man at the counter would not allow me to pay for coffee, but slid my receipt, my “loyalty card” and my money across the counter, “Have a nice day.”, he said. I chirped, “Thanks! You’ve MADE my day!”

Immediately after, I thought to myself, “Seriously, that made your day? That’s a bit over-the top!” I had overstated gratitude for a simple kind gesture, but then I didn’t think about it anymore.


As I went about my business and my searches around the city, I found almost everyone to be in good humour. This is what we might expect from sales people, but there are days that it isn’t so. We don’t know what anyone else is going through, so it’s good to be kind to even the miserable folks.

As I went through the checkout at Costco, I found the cashier and the “bagger” both in great humour. This story would be too long if I relayed the entire conversation, but at one point the lady who was boxing my purchases sang a few bars of something like opera. The cashier remarked, “Some people don’t like it when we sing at work…”

My response? I said that, in my experience, grouchy people just don’t like us to burst into song. For some reason, this struck both woman as hilarious, and the opera singer “high-fived” me, and the other exclaimed, “Thank you SO much; you’ve made our day!”

So this is just a little parable about “what goes around comes around”, or vice-versa. None of the kindnesses I offered or received today cost anyone anything. And sometimes what seems like gratitude out of proportion seems just right to others. The effort, when sincere, is never wasted.


(quote by Ashleigh Brilliant)

A day in Prince George is wearying, no matter how helpful or nice everyone is. I try not to let any burdens of care sap my strength, like if my line of credit will go through, or if Gary will like the tiles I chose for the little house project, or if the long drive home will be a safe one, as I get more tired and shaky by the minute.

Those things don’t matter in the bigger picture, as we watch over family and friends with either bigger adventures (like travel to Uganda, birth of a child, or a marriage), or big health challenges, or loss.

I love you all for reading my Blog, helping me either worry or rejoice or whatever.

~ Ann

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