Life and Pets


I always claim to be busy. Actually, I admit to being very good at relaxing, but more and more, as the years go by, I am less able to accomplish what needs to be done. Many days, I don’t even come close.

A smallish thing that had been bothering me was literally a “detail” on my  truck. The plastic trim on the edge of the tailgate had been flapping in the breeze… visible in the rear-view mirror every blessed time I drove the vehicle. It was also very obvious each time I had to leap (or crawl) into the box of my pickup. I kept “banging” it back on with my fist, and sometime it would catch properly in a notch as it was designed to do, but usually would come loose by the time I drove a mile.

It came to me the other day that this stupid piece of trim had been threatening to rip off and fly onto the highway for … three years! When I visited in Kansas in September 2012, I asked my friends if they had any black duct tape to stick the piece down, or any other idea how I could fix it, with or without finesse. They did not.

This morning, after all this time, I grabbed my trusty little deWalt drill, a #2 Robertson bit and matching screws with a small washer (so that the screw didn’t just whip through the plastic). Boom! In under five minutes total, I had screwed that sucker down, and I don’t give a fig whether it is seen to be done with finesse or not. As long as it “holds”, I am happy. If I get out some Rustclad black paint to touch up the silver screws, so much the better. It’s fancy enough for me. Here’s the deal, though … I know it, and now you do, also … only one of the screws went through plastic and into the metal, and the other two are just for show. I’m not going to redo it, or I might put it off for another three years. 😉


That was a long story about a tiny detail of life. Almost every day I remember a line from a movie called ‘Hanna’, where the protagonist/villain says to herself (when cornered, stressed, threatened)… “MOVE! GET UP!”. Many times I have to push myself to accomplish some great thing or some little tiny task, and I tell myself, “Move! Get UP!” and it often works. Every day I have to take pain killers, but it seems like the very act of getting to the medicine cabinet, obtaining the tablets and drinking water (do you realize how often you might be weak from dehydration?), gets me going again.

This seemed like a stressful few days. I had a dog fall ill in my kennels; he did recover, and his owners picked him up early without any retribution or rebuke. I was so relieved that Winston lived, but while I was uncertain that he would, and STILL had errands to run, I was driving down the highway crying. Here’s a picture of the dear old fellow, feeling quite well again:


The new house project has been so glorious and joyful, but as I mentioned in my last post, I have to pay the piper. Actually, quite a few pipers. I was trying to revisit my application for a line of credit that I applied for MONTHS ago through BMO in Calgary. The security for this would be part of our “nest egg” at Nesbitt Burns in Calgary.

I have not been able to get an answer at Revenue Canada about an “outstanding balance” that I think is an error. The problem is, and this is something that I was not clear about … there has to be NO outstanding balance with Revenue Canada in order for that line of credit to pass acceptance. After all this time, the loans officer in Calgary finally said, “LET ME BE PERFECTLY CLEAR …” and spelled it out.

Perhaps it should have occurred to me before, but I decided to pay Revenue Canada the $12,000 that they believe I owe, and will duke it out with them afterward. This, to me, was a risky step. If I pay them, does that not suggest that I agree with the bills they’ve sent?

Feeling a bit smug, or at least composed, about my decision that hopefully would lead to the line of credit finally getting through, I phoned BMO again, on Friday. I also phoned Nesbitt Burns about borrowing from the nest egg in such case as the “loan” doesn’t go through. Everyone was gone from the office until Monday! So I couldn’t get any answers on Friday, and this has added to my stress level. I will soon owe people who I see on the street in McBride, and that is a very uncomfortable situation to be in. It takes some of the joy out of the new house project for sure. Back to earth for ME!

The drywalling crew has been installing gyproc. It’s truly looking like a house now! They will start taping and filling tomorrow.


I’m going to try to go into Prince George tomorrow to look at more tiles and maybe paint. I can’t think of another day that I will have available to get away from home.

I groomed these two cuties in mid-week. It has been a fairly quiet week as far as pet grooming, but that’s fine because it is anything but peaceful in the kennels! Oh my, we’ve had lots of noisy ones lately, and new customers don’t even believe me when I say that it’s not always so loud. No wonder poor little old Winston got sick from stress; but we are doing the best we can.






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