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Pay the piper…


I visited the new house this morning, and there was not a soul around. However, yesterday was a beehive of activity, and the ceiling got insulated (blown in with a rented machine and MANY bales of environmentally friendly, fire resistant cellulose material). The shower stall also got lined with a new product called Diamond Board.

Then this afternoon, I met with friends who paint house interiors and do ceramic tile, along with all their other building and renovating talents. Lo and behold, the gyproc (sheetroc, wallboard) had all been delivered! This probably means that the walls of the house will be “boarded” tomorrow, with taping and filling that day or the next.

Vonda and her husband Mike will be giving me a quote on painting the entire house interior. This marvelous couple also does tiling, so I’m entertaining the thought of getting them do do the large shower stall … 144 square feet.

It was this meeting which led me to think, “Pay the Piper”, or “Pay Up”, because when I first conceived of building a house in town, I had thought I could do at least SOME of the construction and finishing. It has not turned out that way, as I seem to be always needed at the Pet Hostel, or to do unrelated work-at-home. I didn’t want to take years to accomplish this project, no matter what the end goal is … vacation rental, long term rental, our own retirement, or resale, or combination of those. I always give credit where it is due; when asked today if Gary and I were working on this house ourselves, I answered that a whole team has been working on it, but not us, not very much.

So I originally asked my friends to give me a quote on only painting the ceilings in that house. The walls are 9′, with part of it vaulted to about 12′ (I didn’t do the math, our revered contractor made it happen). I thought that hiring the job out would save Gary’s and my back and neck. As I visited with Vonda and Mike and they asked “Soooo, what are you thinking?…” I heard myself say that I’d like a quote on the entire interior (Thank you, Susannah! who suggested this in the first place.)

And THEN… and then, because this great couple advertises ceramic tile installation, and because Gary mentioned it too, I asked about Vonda and Mike doing the shower stall. At least, I asked about a quote.

For some reason, I am unabashed about paying others to do some work that we could do ourselves. We ALL need jobs. I will stay at home and groom dogs, and Gary can work too, and we will both continue to garden as we have time and also clean thousands of heads of garlic for sale.

Oops … I see that it is after 6 pm.! We are creatures of habit, and I like meals on the table at definite times just as much as anyone.

Might be back after dinner and my second bourbon-and-ginger. I guess I’ve made my point about hiring others to further our goals or make our dreams come true. Time to pay the pipers… or at least  achieve some balance.

Love, Ann

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