Life and Pets

…and a partridge in a pear tree …

We have a “full house” and one more coming! I have done the rounds and everyone is secure, safe and pretty happy, some more than others.

Yesterday I left for McBride thinking I wasn’t expecting new check-ins. At the second garage sale, my cell phone rang, and some customers were waiting at the Pet Hostel! OOPS!

To say that our place seems hectic right now could be stating the obvious or the expected. I didn’t want my first-time customers to feel unsure about leaving their beautiful border collie with me. I told them that I wasn’t finished in town, but would take Molly for a truck ride so that we could visit and bond for the next hour. The folks seemed pleased, and I was pleased with that decision. Molly seemed especially content as we drove along, and even when I stopped at the new house to quickly paint some boards.


The population at the Pet Hostel today: Bella, Bodhi, Rusty & Boston, Ghost, Opal, Shadow & Zippy, Sparky, Smudge, Zeus, Cooper, Molly, another Shadow, Baxter, Nellie & Sadie, Zoe, Kian & Gamble, Rosie, and a little cat Daisy. These are officially the boarders. We also have family dogs Seltzer, Maya, McKenna, and Lady, bunny Jack, guinea pig Taffy, turtle Pokey, our cats Gilbert, Jack and Smokey, and of course the hens who are like pets too. This is about the limit of numbers I can care for properly without getting over tired or feeling overwhelmed.

It is time to leave for Sunday brunch… just Gary and I today. When I get back, I must share a picture of the new baby … Gary’s daughter made us GRANDPARENTS for the first time! First time for Beth’s mom, Lee, and Gary, and I, and not the first time for Beth’s husband’s side of the family. Our hearts are so full, and that newborn girl is so beautiful.

Back soon.

~ A

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