Life and Pets

Okay, I’m back…

Sorry for the week of MIA. I’ve been trying to think of what to say, knowing that I have a readership of friends. Presumably I can confide in you.

One of my friends who regularly read my blog has died. She was family to some other friends who I care about very much. Beyond my own sorrow at losing Judy, I worry about those she was closest to.

Judy and I had a terrific visit just a few days before she died unexpectedly. We had laughed so much and vowed to visit more often, and to schedule that lunch we’d been meaning to have.

One just never knows.

It certainly put things in perspective. My troubles with Dorothy faded from significance.  Even so, at times I have felt eaten up with sadness, and it seems mixed up with ridiculous things like frustration over picking out shower faucets. Then I feel ashamed. I woke up this morning crying; haven’t cried this much in years.

All we can do is watch over others to the best of our ability, and keep in touch with as many as we can.

The new little house is coming along very well. Every day I am amazed at this “A Team”, as Les calls them. I try to visit daily, as I am the BOSS (tee hee), and I answer questions if the contractor has some. Some days I bring ginger ale, ice cream, or pastries. I cannot tell a lie: I am currying favour and want to be thought of as  a good boss. Also, there have been some very hot days and I think they need sustenance.

During a few days this week, I have spent some hours painting trim for the house. It is mind- numbing work, in a sense, but that is just what I’ve needed. At times I’ve had the company of the electrician (Sparky Dave) who plays Top  40 hip hop and dance music very loud. Other times, the shy Mennonite contractor has been there, and I was surprised recently to hear him whistling… and singing! This surely must indicate that he is pleased with the work, and more comfortable around me.


Back of House, with a little porte-cochere

Back of House, with a little porte-cochere

House from front, today.

House from front, today.

The Pet Hostel is busy this weekend! Not sure of the head count right now, but here goes: Timber & Duke, Blitzen, Ghost, Sunny & Pepper, Bandit, Shadow, Koda, Loki, Carly, Zero, Baxter, Gracie, Stella, Seltzer & Maya, Rye & Max, Pokey the turtle, Jack the rabbit. Tomorrow,  Jasper & Timber and Cleo will arrive. Our own pets (including Shelly’s senior doggie) are only six: Lady, McKenna, Gilbert, Smokey, Jack and Taffy.

I might get back with some photos, but for now I am lying on the couch, not at the computer. Standing on the concrete floor at the house painting for hours, has made me achy at night more than usual. I was feeling a bit concerned for the sake of anyone who might live in that home, but presumably they will not be standing for long hours doing anything. They should be in the recliner watching TV, listening to the hum of the dishwasher maybe.

I guess that brings us up to date. I’m grateful that the mosquitoes have abated, and although we needed the rain, I’m glad we seem to have some summer back.

Thank you for reading my blog. I feel better just talking to you.  Hope you are okay too.

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