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Little dramas and sagas …

I’ve been telling you about my former friend Dorothy and her regret over asking me to find a good home for her dog (which is just one way of putting it!).

I eventually had a discussion about this with Keltie, who had adopted Tippy. It seemed inevitable that Keltie would hear of the drama happening where the dog was concerned, so I sent a message in Facebook. She urged me to bring Dorothy over for a visit with the little dog; we were both hoping that the old gal would decide to leave well enough alone, be at peace with her decision to give away or sell Tippy. Keltie said, “If she still wants to take the dog back, I will let her.”.

Since I was angry at many things that had been said to me, I would not take Dorothy to see Tippy and simply directed her how to drive herself there. Soon, Keltie messaged me, “Call me…”. Dorothy had taken the dog back, saying that she did not know Keltie well enough and averring that she would buy a house with a yard and have just as good a setup.

Keltie is one of the most level-headed people I have the privilege of knowing. She loved little Tippy, and I sensed that she had been crying, but she assured me that I had done nothing wrong, and neither had SHE. We are NOT going to “own” this problem.

It’s very sad how it turned out. Dorothy is able to love and provide the basics for the dog, but I can’t help but wonder when she will start phoning me and complaining that Tippy is barking full-time again, or has tripped her, or some other problem. I’m not in a mood to help, and even Keltie will have to think long and hard before she sets herself up for that kind of heartache again.

The house is coming along very well! Gary and I just visited in mid-afternoon, and for some reason I didn’t take new pictures. There is now a sweet little “deck” that will be semi-closed-in soon. One of the plumbers was in putting vent pipes and other roughing-in dodads. We visited and asked questions.

Ray, the real general contractor (on paper, it is ME) phoned me this morning and said that we had a bit of a problem. My heart sank. As it turns out, the problem is significant but not the “end of the world”: the building supply merchant forgot to send in the order for the windows and doors!

Now.. the builders are ready for the windows and the doors, and they typically take three weeks to arrive!  Actually, the doors take longer. Now the seller has a “rush” on the order, so we’ll see. I asked Ray if the window openings can be “boarded up” so that the electrician can come and do the wiring, and he said that this might be an option they’ll take.

Darn! We were on SUCH a roll, almost seeming to break some kind of record… if not in builders’ worlds, at least in my experience! I thought that the house could be ready (not complete, just set up with plumbing at least) for my daughters to have a sleepover there on an occasion/celebration that is coming up. *sigh*


In the grand scheme of things, this is nothing. Some people would perhaps react more strongly to such a disappointment. Gary and I visited the building supply store, and the one owner told me that the owner responsible for dropping the window-and-door ball had run out the back in a fright! Frightened of me? We found Ricco and all ended up laughing: I wanted to ask him some questions about other things, not chastise him!

And in the even grander scheme, I had a friend/customer drop her two dogs off so that she could take her husband on an urgent visit to a cardiologist. Her man already had an appointment for next week, but was suffering some frightening symptoms. I feel very nervous… but my friend is terrified. All I can do is “my part” with the dog babysitting.

I thought that my Pet Hostel would seem very hectic today to anyone visiting. My friend with the sick husband, however, said that to visit here lowers her blood pressure and brings her some peace! I groomed several dogs today and some were waiting to go home. We have many pets boarding, including Shelly’s two little dogs, two cats, a large turtle, and her bunny. Shelly’s oldest dog, McKenna, strolls around the yard in a quiet state of mild confusion, and two of my own three cats emerge purposefully, to be petted. Our dog Lady barks as much as a boarder, at times, ignoring my pleas for quiet. It’s a zoo! I am very happy that some folks find happiness and calm here … oh wait! much of the time that’s exactly what it is for me as well.








Rover & Ozzie


Rye & Max


Jack Rabbit




One of our lovely hens











As well, not pictured, we have Foxy & Morag, Lucy, Zeus & Dottie, Mick & Rory, Gus and Scruffy (in addition to Shelly’s menagerie and our own). Last week, I was having coffee with an old friend who has many unusual ideas, and when I said something about Facebook and my Blog, he exclaimed, “You post pictures of people’s pets on the Internet???”. How should I have responded? I defended myself, explaining that I almost always ask permissions, that people love to see pets on the Internet, blah, blah.. I don’t think my friend even thinks much of the idea of a website, even a business site.

How was your day? I go on and on about myself, combining the worrisome with the joyful, the somewhat profound with the trivial. I think about you every day.

Love, Ann

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