Life and Pets

More progress …

… and as expected, it seems impressive. As our friend Les put it, we have “The ‘A’ Team” on it! This is such a small house compared to most others, and yet it is like a dream to me. I remember that I get to pay for it, but it seems like a gift.


I had a few moments of panic this afternoon when Gary and I checked on the project. I thought that I had ordered an upper corner cabinet in the kitchen, and I could see that that would interfere/run into one of the clerestory windows. Ray showed me the cupboard plan that I had given him, and it looked like there was NO upper cabinet to cause any trouble. Still … if the openings for the windows were going to have to be changed, then RIGHT THEN would have been the time to do it. After two trips to the local building supply, I finally found the answer (the builders had other tasks to do while they awaited the verdict). I hadn’t ordered any corner cupboard, and I can’t even remember changing my mind and changing my own plan, but I was happy with this result, and reported cheerfully back to Ray: “Carry on! There’s NO corner cupboard!”. Within a few seconds, the crew lifted the wall into place and carried on.

I can’t really explain the layout of the kitchen right now, other than to say that it won’t be like any other. I’m looking forward to seeing it come together, but there’s a lot to accomplish before then.

I worked at home today, which is good. While I might rather watch the builders build all day from my vehicle, I must take paying work!

This wee shih tzu has been a regular. Her owners have moved away, but when possible, they “save” the grooming for me. Shea is a lovely dog; today she was willful, trying to say “No!” to many aspects of her spa morning.


Yesterday, Heinz came for toenail clipping only. His owner reported that the poor fella had been hurt by a deer recently… Heinz was still feeling battered, you could tell, so I tried not to make him lift his little dachshund legs too high, and I lifted his body very gently onto the table and off. Once he had his newly trimmed toes on the ground, however, he acted like his cheerful, curious ol’ self. Thank goodness the dog “only” got head-butted by the deer… I’ve seen some dreadful injuries on dogs that were stomped by sharp deer hooves.

Heinz wants to crawl on my lap, or launch himself from the table.

Heinz wants to crawl on my lap, or launch himself from the table.

I groomed three dogs from the same family, all beautiful little minions, very well behaved for grooming.







Poor Gary has tons of work these days, shoeing horses in this heat, and sometimes pestered by mosquitoes. The temperatures are much like last year at this time, as I remember at the time of my 30th business anniversary that it was scorching, and that was July 8th or so.


Anyway, I’ve wearied myself again with my own ramblings. Hope you are all well.

Love, Ann

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