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A little awe …

On Saturday morning, I ventured into McBride to check on the status of the new house. Friday afternoon, I had taken the crew some ice cream treats, and left about two o’clock. They were still working hard at measuring and cutting lumber for studs. Aware that our builder usually works at home on Saturdays and worships on Sundays, I thought the walls would start on Monday.

I came around the corner to see this! Amazing progress. I don’t know if they quit at 4 o’clock as they often do, or if they had pushed to get this much accomplished:


Lots of people in town remarked about the stud walls appearing … guess it’s starting to look like a new house to them as well. I am grateful to those who share my enthusiasm, and am prepared to shrug off criticism.

This is how the house looked when I went home on Friday.


Barry, operating Darvin’s skidsteer with a huge auger, made the holes for the supports for the small front porch:


I didn’t post this in Facebook because I was not sure of town bylaws. I worried that if we moved the little old shed successfully, it would be promulgated that we had to place the building further from the fence line than it HAD been. So the fellas just “scootched” it over a little. To be more precise, there were two compact pieces of equipment that, working together, could pick that building up and walk it over to its new location.


Gary told me last year that it would be a good idea to move the shed. He offered that it might be in the way of a new build. I argued that the little building could NOT be moved, that I couldn’t fathom how it would survive a move. I deduced that it was on rotten lumber and a wee bit of concrete just like the house was.

Eventually I made up my mind that the builder could try moving it … and this was after they had all worked around it for two weeks! I came to terms with being “on call” to come and clean up the rubble and rescue anything of value from the shed.

Gary was right, the builders and some friends were all correct, and the shed got moved. Technically, the whole house could have been situated a couple of feet to the north (to the left, in pictures), BUT there is a huge spruce that I was not willing to remove from the property. I want to keep that tree, and of course there are those who caution me that it should be topped or limbed or otherwise altered. I hope I don’t one day regret anything about that decision.


Majestic Spruce (with branches from a poplar in front)

In the Pet Hostel, we have a sort of “half-a-house” situation, as opposed to a full house. Sadie and Nellie went home last night. We are taking care of Stella, Willis, Scruffy, Bella & Oreo, Blitzen, Razz, Clemina and Wally. Some of those darlings will go home today.

The mosquitoes have been horrendous. We try to watch that no animals suffer; many of the dogs have heavy coats and seem to not get bitten much. Others enjoy the indoor quarters, and although the stupid bugs can come in through doggie doors, I have burned coils to decimate the population of mosquitoes indoors. It seemed a tough call at first: I didn’t want to burn anything inside the kennel building, but the spray didn’t make much of a difference. Every morning there were thousands of bugs on the ceiling, and the coils are the only thing that seems to take care of that. While Gary was away, I put repellant on his riding horse.

My “Mosquito Magnet” machine, situated outside, hasn’t been working properly at all.

It’s time to get ready to attend Sunday Brunch!

I love you all for reading my Blog. Nearly every week, I hear from someone who keeps an eye on it, and I enjoy knowing that some of you pour your morning coffee and check for updates. It seems like I’m chatting with you (even if I’m not letting you get a word in). My life isn’t boring to me, but it seems quite an honour that it is interesting to you!

~ Ann

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