Life and Pets

I rue the day…

I have a senior friend who sold her acreage and moved into an independent- living complex a few months ago. The units are essentially apartments on one level, and are nice. I worried that Dorothy would suffer from the drastic change, and she has.

Several times per week since the move, she has phoned or we have been somewhere for coffee, or I have gone there to pick up or deliver her sheltie, “Tippy”.  Almost every time we have spoken, my friend has talked about what a problem Tippy’s barking has been. For my own reasons, I did not suggest or recommend any kind of bark collar. Even so, when Dorothy bought one for $50 and it did NOT work as expected, she blamed me for suggesting it.

Dorothy was certain that she wanted to “sell” her dog, she said. Before she left for a short trip, she again assured me that, if someone suitable would take Tippy, I was to let her go. So, someone DID (this is a small town, and I did not advertise in any manner) come forward, and Tippy was soon settled in a great home with a huge fenced yard, another puppy to play with, and a gentle, loving owner. To say that Dorothy regrets her decision is putting it mildly. She is grieving, and I feel so sad for her and worried. She has talked about “taking my dog back” and I told her that I can’t be part of that.

Dorothy’s family has contacted ME to ask how I’m coping, so I think my friend is blaming me, but her family seems not to be. I do believe that I acted appropriately, but I regret allowing Tippy to get picked up from here. It is a lesson learned, like many others. I crossed paths with Dorothy at the Beanery this morning, and she looked a little better. Suddenly her face darkened and she said to me, “I haven’t stopped thinking about my dog.”  I’m sure my friend is suddenly very lonely.  Potentially we could all have such situations to endure, especially as we get older.

Love, Ann


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