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Nighty night…

Have to warn you… I’m so tired tonight I can hardly keep my eyes open. Watching the “A Team”, as our friend Les calls it, was exhausting today. Even so, it was also exhilarating to witness the foundation and floor being poured on the little house.

They started as they had left it on Thursday, as the weather didn’t cooperate on Friday. Had to wait until today to pour concrete.

I was there shortly after the first truck arrived. I went for coffee (partly to see how Dorothy was), and came back as the second cement truck came. Then there was a third, and they were about ONE yard short, but evidently concrete was needed for another job, and delivering a mere yard of material was not a problem. It took a busy crew to do this work; it was even more involved than I expected. They work as a well-oiled machine!

As usual, you can click on a thumbnail to see a larger image.


It was inspiring to watch the fellows work. The crew consisted of Ray, the contractor, his father who also enjoyed a career as a builder, Ray’s two oldest sons with his third son watching, and a hired builder, Kaylen. Ray also has an infant son … he is building a major contracting FORCE!

When I drove up to the site after lunch time, Ray had just finished spreading the dark pigment around on the still-wet floor. I admit that I silently assured myself that this would not be the finished surface. He looked up, smiling, and said, “Looks a little scary at this point.”. I cheerily replied, “I’m not afraid!”

After Gary got home from work, we went together to admire the almost-finished floor; Ray was alone on the worksite, still polishing. I’m very happy with the look of the concrete floor.

Other than the care of just a few dogs, that is all I did today … anticipate the pouring of the footings and floor, watch how it was done, treat myself to coffee, go home to bring the horse in, lunch at the Beanery, deliver ginger ale to the crew. I put ribs on the barbecue early in the afternoon, and that took care of most of supper. Tomorrow will be a day of “rest” (curing) for the new floor, and then we’ll see some more inspiring work, I’m sure.

I have a couple of dogs to groom tomorrow. I can’t spend ALL my time watching other people work! The mosquitoes have been nightmarish… I don’t remember when we had such a bad outbreak, so I don’t feel very much like working in the gardens no matter HOW much it needs doing.

My eyes are slamming shut between sentences, my friends. Love you for visiting my blog. Thank you for the many reassurances and condolences about Prin.

~ Ann


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