Life and Pets

Good morning all…

How lame a title is that?

It’s 7:30 and I woke at 3:30 thinking I’d had a long night’s sleep. I couldn’t get back to snoozin’ at all, and finally got up at 5:30. Just think what I could have accomplished if I hadn’t stayed in bed?

I’ve been listening to the rain most of the night. I think it might mean that the little house is NOT going to get the concrete poured for the foundation and slab today. And this is a bit silly, I’m sure … I wondered if the site could be vandalized. Then I wondered if we would KNOW there had been damage (to the pipes, in particular) before the slab is poured? I worry more than people give me credit (or blame) for, as I hide it well.

This, so far, seems a work of art and a feat of engineering. The building team work very well together, communicate frequently, and even seem to enjoy their parts in making my little dream, or flight of fancy, become reality. The electrician put it most succinctly, though… “Oh, we’re all happy as long as you keep those cheques comin’!”.


Other than my focus on the new house, which I only visit once or twice per day, I’ve been just medium-busy in business. At this moment, there are only three boarders, but a few coming for the weekend.

I have this lovely and loving big pup staying:


Ajax is a bull mastiff, and is gentle and bashful.

Clemina and Wally are going home this morning.


The highlight of my day is that Gary is on his way home! He and his daughter Beth took a drive out to Winnipeg to see Mom/Baba, and Steve and his family, and some friends. They had a great time but are both pretty weary now.

That’s really all I have to report for now. I need to let the dogs out and let the horse out of his confines. Bud is on a “diet” as he puts on too much weight if he’s on pasture full time.


Love, Ann

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