Dogs and Life

A little dream taking shape…

I can’t believe how much progress has already taken place on the little house. I’ve stopped a few times because I had to share what was on my mind, but for the most part, Ray and crew do not need me to be visiting at all! I can’t help visiting anyway.

I had quite a few doggy guests plus the parrot over the weekend, but many have been picked up. There are so many projects that I should get to, but cannot seem to find energy left over from animal care and other essentials.

The mosquitoes have been awful here in the last few days. I can often find someone to contradict me… instead of a person saying that the annoying insects aren’t so bad at THEIR house, they say, “No, they aren’t bad.”  Well, they ARE dreadful when I try to clean the horse pasture or dog runs or to dig in the flower beds. If I attempt to mow the lawn tomorrow, I hope I can outrun them.

Speaking of running, I was simply walking across the yard this morning and turned my ankle. Not very many people you know can fall off a less-than-one inch heel. It really, really hurt for a few moments, and it is the same ankle that was slammed into by my cat weeks ago. This is the same foot on which I broke my little toe a couple of months ago too. The toe isn’t sore any more, but oddly, it is NUMB all the time. Gosh I’m a clutz. All in all, my pain is minor, but it “nags”.


There was even gravel hauling and leveling done on the project after this photo was taken. I went back into town to help a friend transport a bed across town, and then I swung by the site. Grandpa “Clarence” and grandson Verlin were using a long board to smooth the gravel and were right down on their knees to do so. I spoke to Ray for a minute to check on a couple of details; my mind is working overtime again: “Did I remind him that I wanted 9′ ceilings? Did I tell him about ‘this’ or ‘that’?”. It’s tiring to me, thinking so hard, but the construction team is doing some truly exhausting physical work as well as providing the know-how. Taking care of most of the sweat and muscle, plus math, physics, and home design, they are an amazing crew. Tomorrow the plumber arrives to do the rough-in plumbing, and the electrician for another little job.

It’s “down to a dull roar” at the Pet Hostel for the moment. We have Clemina & Wally, Princess, and Kifaa. Stella went home this afternoon and Buddy was here just for grooming.



This is Gary’s horse, “Bud”, looking so regal:


That’s about all the updates for now! I plan to snoop at the building site a little bit tomorrow, and otherwise, nothing too much is planned. Oh yes… lawn-mowing, if I can cope with the mosquitoes. There is so much other outdoor work that should be done!

Love, Ann

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