Life and Pets

Breaking ground …

Early today I left the site plan for the new house for our builder to find (stuck in the door of that little shed), and went about my day. It was almost noon before I got back to see if there had been any activity at the lot. YIPPEE! this is what I found:


So the adventure continues. It seems surreal, because I have very little building experience. I’m fortunate that others know plenty!

Pictured above are the builder’s father, and the builder’s eldest son operating the skidsteer/bobcat. Ray was elsewhere at that time, installing countertop for someone.

My friend Eunice lives next door to my project, and I discovered when I sat at lunch and checked Facebook, that she had mentioned the builders’ arrival. She looks forward to watching the progress from her ringside seat!

I groomed Snowy this morning. She is a sweetheart of a “subject”, always patient and gentle. I almost didn’t give myself enough time to finish, and was trimming Snowy’s legs while her owner was driving in to pick her up.


I also clipped the mats from a cat’s coat, while his owner, a friend of mine, held her pet. Poor Vonda got bitten, but she kept ME from getting bitten.

I drove out to the vet to pick up another prescription for my little cat, Prin. It seems that the skin infection on her face has improved, but we want to keep on top of this. I cannot bear to have Prin euthanized without trying this aggressive treatment. The pills have not caused her any side effects that I can tell.

I’m boarding Max the parrot for a few days. Every time the bird visits, he has a bigger repertoire. I don’t take credit for too much of this, but Max does whistle parts of the Friendly Giant jingle because of me, and says “Hi, Ann” altogether too much, and I’m to blame.

At the same time, I’m babysitting Oscar the weimaraner. I don’t want to say too much, but I have reported to Oscar’s owner that the dog can be QUITE vocal. That is code for barking to excess; the dog has a persistent/insistent and unique bark. I provide all that he needs and usually can’t fathom what he’s barking about. Oscar seems to be vying for “his share” of attention, and that is all.

This morning Max the parrot yelled, “BE QUIET!” and “GO LIE DOWN!“. I can’t lie … Oscar has heard me say that over and over, loudly, and now it’s obvious that Max has also.


Gary phoned this evening and was preparing to go out with Beth to the Winnipeg Jazz Festival. That a great opportunity! I’m very happy for them.

It’s only 7:30, but I’m all done in. I mainly wanted to tell you about the start of the “New House”. I’m so excited that my heart seems to be pounding: it’s really happening!

Love, Ann

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