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Back in the groove…

Received a new iPhone this week, so I have a camera which works again. And a cell phone which works, too. The new phone wants a password for the Facebook App … do you think I can remember it, or find it in any Password saver? No.

Today was epic… I’m not accustomed to a “9 to 5” job, but that’s what my workday was today! I was out the door at 6 am., but just puttering, really. The mosquitoes are horrendous right now, and I couldn’t weed in the flower beds as I’d planned.

From 8 to 9 am., I watched some of a program that has called to me lately, ‘American Horror Story’. Most people would NOT believe that is any part of my television viewing: it seems like a guilty pleasure. Gratuitous violence and surrealism on the TV is sometimes acceptable to me; in this series, actors/actresses such as Jessica Lang are  BIG hooks.

Today I groomed FOUR good-sized border collies and a small poodle cross. The collies are working farm dogs and get a spa day once per year, but I could not ask for more respectful, compliant, gentle souls to work on. Even if the comb or brush or scissors made them uncomfortable, I got nothing more than a quizzical look from any of the dogs.


They hear the family truck pull in.


Sadye – the “mom”

Rowdy - Sadye's son

Rowdy – Sadye’s son

Sam - Sadye's son

Sam – Sadye’s son

Keeper - Sadye's daughter

Keeper – Sadye’s daughter

It was such an honour and a privilege to groom four such beautiful souls today.

I clipped and bathed little Cleo somewhere in the middle of the other “work”, telling my self that it was a break (instead of lunch). I didn’t get a new pic of Cleo, but here’s an older one.



It was a good day, but I was so tired by the time the quartet of collies left, I didn’t know what to do about something to eat. I had worked through lunch, and didn’t even feel too hungry.

I had a small bowl of edamame noodles and a bunch of grapes. Then I had a large glass of wine. I thought, “Cleo’s owner is still coming, and Gary might phone … I shouldn’t have too much wine.”

So I was deciding at which point I wouldn’t be coherent and poured another glass of wine. I was sure that I could still manage when my customers picked up their little dog. I knew that Gary would understand (that I was either incoherent because I was so tired, or because I’d had two glasses of wine!). So who phoned but the contractor who will build the new house in McBride! He’s a man, and Mennonite … about the worst case scenario for me to be slurring my words on the phone!

We got through the conversation and I think that it wasn’t evident that I was either desperately over tired or drunk! Ray says that he will start staking the property tomorrow… YIPPEE! I should be able to visit the job site tomorrow, and hopefully arrange a lunch date with my friend Susannah.

Gary phoned from Winnipeg and we had a great chat, as usual. He could understand my fatigue and that I’d had more wine than anything else for supper. All in all, I’m doing a good job of “holding the fort” in Gary’s absence, and each day brings more appreciation for the work that Gary does around this place. Soon, I will have to do more of what Gary usually does, beside feeding/watering the horse, and turning the sprinklers on the garden. I will mow lawns! Vacuum floors! *sigh*

I haven’t kept up with this Blog, and I apologize. I could have chatted with you a lot more, even if I didn’t have new pictures. I’ve had plenty of dogs to board … old and newer favourites: Ramone and Shadow, Ruger, Oscar, Squeaker & Kelef, Timber & Duke, Hunter, Stella, Princess, Kifaa, Zoe. I’ve had inquiries by phone, and some reservations for June, July, August and September already. It’s my calling and my joy.

Tomorrow I have to drive out to Dr. Vogel’s for new medication for Prin. We have been struggling with a skin infection that seems resistant to common antibiotics. I have spent some nights worrying and dreaming about losing Prin. I don’t want to lose Prin. I have spent several hundred dollars in order to not lose Prin. Please send positive thoughts.

Can’t seem to upload a picture of my beloved cat. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading my Blog. I appreciate you all so much … every week I learn of someone who reads “me”.


Love, Ann







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