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Another pleasant Sunday, done …

I got a surprise when I clicked on my link for my OWN Blog and saw, “Tears dry on their own…” as the title. What was so troubling that I cried? Very silly, really, as it was all about  a detail to do with building the new house, and not a very critical one. I ordered the blesséd linear drain from eBay, and the worst that could happen is that I’d settle for a plain round drain. Or overspend, paying $950, which is not going to happen. Any other frustrations that have to do with ordering major things for the new house… also resolved, so far. Our plumber warns me that fretting over details and catching potential mistakes will continue to be my job as general contractor, so I must get used to it.

Sorry that I haven’t chatted with you for days since. Things are good around here, as they almost always are.

Early in the week, I asked Gary if he thought there was any reason that I shouldn’t go into Prince George on Thursday. He said that he couldn’t think of a reason, and, “… but I don’t really want to go. Oh! I wasn’t actually invited, was I?”. That made us both laugh. One of my convictions is that our home and the boarding kennel is best managed by Gary; we have a good friend who can step in at any time for any reason to do the job. But it truly is the simplest solution for me to take a day trip or a longer trip, if I leave Gary in charge.

So on Thursday, I drove the 2.5 hours into the nearest city. My primary mission was to see what bargains could be found at a “renovation centre”, a sort of liquidation outlet that sells “seconds” of many fixtures and home finishing products, but also first quality items and things like cabinets and tiles that you can order in. I felt like a kid in a candy shop, and it was difficult to maintain focus. I had to stick to a list, in a sense.

At Carleton Renovation Centre (formerly Ace), I found what I hope will be suitable pocket doors plus latches for these, a tiny vanity with faucet for a laundry room, a wall hung bathroom sink. I was served by a helpful lady of about the same age as I, and I was very impressed how she could move the heavy doors and other items so easily. Now that I know where to look, I will certainly shop at that place, and recommend them.

Everyone who knows me understands that I choose to shop locally for almost everything, all the time. Even so, I was happy to have a day “outta Dodge” while I had a mission to save some money on the New House Project.

Carleton Renovation Centre didn’t have any bargains on tiles, so I wasn’t sure where I could find such. I stopped at Windsor Plywood because I wanted to buy exactly the same type of door handles for the new house as I have in my kennel building. While there, I was talking up a storm with the helpful salespeople, and “Rocky” told me that his wife was doing restoration for them, for family and for others. He suggested that I check out the tiles that are sold at Costco. OH! I was planning to go there next! A different fellow suggested I use a combination of glass tiles and ceramic or porcelain, and I’m afraid I blatantly wrinkled my nose, “Oh, I have my heart set on all glass tiles.”.

I spent $650 dollars at Costco, mostly just stocking up on groceries and just a few things for the New House Project. The tiles that were offered at Costco were indeed attractive, but even at Costco’s great price, the new shower stall and coordinating vanity backsplash would be about 100 square feet, totalling $800!

I popped over to Home Depot to return a light fixture that I had changed my mind about. I looked at a few samples of tiles, and similar tiles to the Costco ones were twice the price. They DID, however, have some combinations on display (of the type of arrangement that had been suggested at Windsor), and they were surprisingly tasteful. I even decided that breaking up the glass tiles with a larger, plainer tile seemed less “busy”.

I also stopped at Rona, and saw more expensive glass tiles, and more lovely displays of tasteful combinations. I also drove to a specialty tile and stone shop, where I found many wonderful things, mostly very high end and expensive. What I decided to do was “score” a bunch of the pretty glass tiles at Costco, and then find some other tiles to combine with those. I didn’t stop to do the math (how far the glass tile sheets would go when I started cutting square feet into 3″ or 4″ strips.), but for some reason, six boxes totally about $250 seems enough of an indulgence. Later I will find some grey, white or mixed-colour tiles to complete the shower stall and backsplash.

That was my “guerilla shopping day!”.

Once again, I have typed for another half an hour and had it all disappear on me. None of it was too profound. I’ll try again:

Over the weekend, we had a sort of “half-full” house. Muffin, Tucker, Nellie & Sadie, and Scout are still here. Scruffy, Timber & Duke, Clemina & Wally have gone home. Most of these dogs have become “regulars” here, for which I am grateful.

Our senior friend Dorothy has, sadly, come to the conclusion that her dog is not suited for life at the housing complex she has moved to in McBride. “Tippy” is a young and energetic sheltie, quite vocal, and really should be on an acreage or farm. She was raised on Dorothy’s four acre property, and although the dog wasn’t totally sensible about the nearby road, I believe Tippy would be joyful and very attached to home again under the right circumstances. now that Dorothy has made up her mind, I am anxious to help and will bring the dog here.

IMG_2552 IMG_2918

It’s time to put some supper together for the two of us. I’m happy to catch up with you, and grateful that you check up on me this way.

Love, Ann


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