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“The blood is mine!” …

Don’t be alarmed, I’m just fine. I groomed an angry cat yesterday: he was on the fight from the first moment. I donned my rose pruning (gauntlet) gloves, and I attempted to restrain Pickles with my mesh cat bags. These are nylon net “pillow case” type sacks that the cat’s head can go through (or not, if you wish), and they help contain the sharp and flailing claws. I have a mesh cat muzzle as well.

I always start out with no restraint, as some cats will simply purr through all the treatment that is needed, such as coat clipping, combing, ear cleaning, claw snipping. Others will put up with a lot, and some will lose their temper very quickly. I almost never nick a cat nor cause one any discomfort, but, well, you know cats. They like to orchestrate their own fate and activities.



Pictured above is the named kitty on a different spa day, probably a year ago. This time, I didn’t do a very good job. Pickles gnawed on my gloved hands and all I felt was “pin pricks”, but when I took the gauntlets off, I had a few small, bleeding puncture wounds. Therefore, when I handed the cat back to his owner, in his kennel, I remarked, “I didn’t do very well today because he was very cranky, but I think I got the mats off. I didn’t hurt Pickles: any blood is MINE!” The funniest thing was that, as enraged as the cat seemed, he did dive right into a treat of canned cat food that I gave him as a peace offering.

I also groomed a huge Great Pyrenese dog that morning. He is gentle, but wary of most things. “Cash” and I get along well, and he seems to want to please me, but he would not step onto my lift table. The dog turned into a hundred pound noodle on the floor, and I could not lift him. He was afraid, so I decided not to employ help (Gary) or force the issue: I groomed the big fellow on the floor as I have before.

Brushing out such a large dog is a huge amount of work, and his hind quarters were tightly matted and I decided to clip the areas short. Therefore, here was another animal that I had made to look a bit peculiar. It couldn’t be helped, unless I wanted to do a lousy job by leaving some of the dog matted. I considered clipping the entire dog short, but he looked so beautiful after the bath and brushing that I was glad I hadn’t. Last year I somehow managed to get the back end short but not shaved… I dunno, have I lost patience or endurance? I know the people didn’t like the back end shaved.


Today was stellar, because I got to groom Sophie. She is one of the darling golden retrievers that I have the privilege of “handling”. Her owner likes to have her clipped short once or twice each year; it seems to keep hot spots from forming.


Sophie sleeping through “massage”

Sophie almost ready to go home.

Sophie almost ready to go home.

Another dog I groomed today was Muffy. She has her own look and style. Muffy is a little sweetheart, perfect for everything (clipping, scissoring, feet and nails, bath, blow dry).


Love you,


Junior asks, "Where is home NOW?"

Junior asks, “Where is home NOW?”


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