Life and Pets

The calm before the long weekend…

The only boarder we have tonight is “Junior”, of whom you’ve read. This evening, I sat on the lawn chair that is in the dog’s kennel and gave him a large beef bone. I’m so glad that, at least in this situation, an animal does not grasp the concept of being abandoned, or even of the passage of time. If his owner came back now, Junior would be beside himself with happiness. I know that he can also be content in a more responsible home.

As the dog gnawed his new bone, he wagged his tail to the sound of my voice. I patted his neck and head, “testing” for food aggression and just wanting to give him the contact. Junior didn’t tense or growl or do anything other than wag his tail faster. He certainly is a joy.


Have had some grooming this week and the next two days are pretty busy. There are several dogs and a couple of cats scheduled for boarding, starting to arrive tomorrow.

Today I shampooed and brushed “Opal”, a large mixed breed who is a beautiful soul. I couldn’t believe how WHITE she became! She was very trusting as she hopped onto the lift table and she remained calm as it rose to my working height. Then she calmly stepped into the bathtub and submitted to the lathering and rinsing. Opal is so big that by the time I finished getting the soap out, the water was running quite cold; she let out a few soft moans of discontent, but generally stayed still for it.

IMG_3694 IMG_3685

I bathed and trimmed little Angel this afternoon. She has her own individual style that her owner and I have agreed upon.


Yesterday, I shampooed and trimmed Jack, the cat that I inherited at Christmas time. To my dismay, and though I had clipped mats from his coat shortly after he came here, I have let him get some more mats. The poor cat didn’t like any part of the grooming, and he looked like I’d put him through a lawn mower! While he was still wet, he walked out and rolled in the dusty driveway: what a sight! Today he looks a little better, and Jack let me brush him a bit without complaint. He still looks pretty “rough”… I told Gary that if I was a customer, I would NOT want to have to pay for that hack job.

IMG_3672 IMG_3669

Yesterday I also groomed little Nellie and her sidekick, Sadie. They are both sweet pets and I love having them here.


This afternoon the local building inspector made a reservation for his dog to board. I was being just friendly and chatty after I wrote the dates down, mentioning that soon the cement plant would open and building could start on the new house in town. He said that he forgot what he has on file at the office in McBride, but “obviously I have enough to have issued permits.”. I said that we would deliver the engineered plan for the heated slab and foundation to him. I said that we would “keep him in the loop…”. To this the inspector said, “Well, it is the home owner’s responsibility to call for inspections and that to neglect to do so would result in a “stop work” or “delay”. I couldn’t take it … and exclaimed, “DON’T threaten me! I was simply wanting to tell you where we’re at.”. To this, he chuckled, so I was glad the he could sort of “take it” as well as dishing it out. I’m intimidated by the process of applying for permits/permission, obtaining engineering for the slab, explaining what I want for the house, but mostly by the need for these regular upcoming inspections. And still, I want everyone to share my enthusiasm.

Folks, it’s late and I’m winding down. I love having you here to visit with, so thank you for checking for my blog posts.

Love, Ann

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