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Frustration level: under control!

In the last couple of days, a couple of things have happened that have made my “troubles” seem manageable, even trivial. Before you point this out to me, I want so say that the problems I’ve blogged about or discussed at Sunday Breakfast (and elsewhere) are “First World” problems, and I have always acknowledged it. When others have not enough nourishment or water to survive, or have entire families buried under rubble, or are in the midst of war or other threat, it truly seems selfish and shallow to complain.

Without my whining on the “bad” days, or my chirpiness on the good ones, however, would I have a Blog at all? I’m not smart enough to wax on about politics or global warming, or the politics of global warming. I’m not gifted enough in any department, say, to have a “Food Blog” or a jewellery making or other very specific themed blog. You just have my small and sometimes tidy life to read about.

So.. what has lightened my mood and brought my frustration level down? Where the dog Junior is concerned, I have had some discussions with RCMP members. I popped in to the McBride detachment yesterday to discuss the situation, and found a friendly and concerned audience in Todd and Jay. By the time I’d told Junior’s story and answered a few questions, we had found a little humour in the situation. Jay said that he would make a phone call on my behalf, which he did. Then today, the corporal from Valemount phoned, and we had another good chinwag. That is all the detail I will share tonight, but it seems there is some hope.


We had no Internet service over the weekend, and nobody answered our complaints left on an answering machine. Then yesterday, the technician came out and replaced a “card” in our antenna, but also told us that our router for the WiFi needed replacing. So we had Internet service restored to the house, and now that I’ve purchased a new router (locally!) and set that up without tearing my hair out, we have a signal to all of our devices, including the printer.  Again, a first world problem resolved. This week, I’m using the Internet to donate money to Nepal; does that earn me any redemption?

I have Joey boarding again this week. This is another chance to play veterinary nurse (since the little dog Bella), as daily his feet need treatment for yeast infection, and he has to wear an Elizabethan collar (cone), also receive special food in dishes that allow him to eat. Poor old Joey is snarky and lethargic, and who wouldn’t be? Sometimes he allows me to pet and spoil him, and sometimes he bares his teeth or tries to bite (who wouldn’t?). When he snarls, I can see that his gums are pale, and his owner is aware. I am very worried about Joey.

Joey at a better time.

a Joey at a better time.

I was happy to babysit Sadie, Baxter and Sunny this week also.


I groomed Charlotte last week. We all recognize that she was overdue. I did my work and was careful not to cause clipper burn even though some of the action was “hard going”. After she was finished, she felt so much better, but then proceeded to scratch at her ears (which were in need of vet attention) until her neck and cheeks bled. Her owner didn’t blame me, and subsequently sought treatment for the little dog.


While I’m showing before-and-after pictures, I’ll share “S’Mores”. Isn’t she just the colour of a s’more? I think this is the second year that I’ve sheared this dear farm dog, who is as gentle and patient as can be. Afterward, she frisked about like a puppy, though she looks humble for the camera.


I boarded AND groomed these two Chesapeake Bay Retrievers last weekend:





At a glance, Tia, a female, and Muddy, a male, are so much alike that I am not always sure to whom I am speaking. Muddy is slightly taller, but occasionally, I look UNDER the dogs’ bellies to see who has the “hanging down bits”. They are energetic dogs, but always obedient, and they were so darned HUGGABLE after their bath and brush treatment.

I groomed Mickey earlier this week. I would call her a “perennial favourite”. I do have many of those in my regular customers, and it seems that every week I make new friends and gain more favourites. It is a career full of such joy, compensating daily for any angst and frustration.


“Timber” is my friend’s new dog, a companion now for her other dog, Duke. Timber was shy when she first arrived,  but we were friends very soon.


On the day that I groomed Mickey, Charlotte, Tia and Muddy, I also clipped and bathed Meccho. That was an epic grooming day, a marathon.


I see these two from time to time, Precious and Baby. I keep forgetting which one is which. They rarely come for anything but toenail clipping, but they have both become relatively well behaved for that, over the years. Now that I think of it, and considering that I saw the dogs this Sunday, they are Baby on the left, Precious on the right. “Baby” is the neutered male, and he is a heavy lift for me. Precious, a spayed female, is also, um, portly, and I fear that their obesity will shorten their lives. Sorry, but that’s what I think, and I have diplomatically mentioned this to the owner.


These were some of the points of the past week. I hope you find them interesting. It is wonderful to talk to you, and I’m going to sign off rather than talk about my own struggle with weight, or any other relatively petty problem. I’m anxious for spring to smarten up and summer to start. I hope I have many high-energy days during which to tackle the perennial beds, help in the vegetable garden and keep up with business.

Love, Ann

ps. “Winter seems long, but it won’t last forever.”: a quote, poignantly spoken, by Bambi’s mother.






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