Life and Pets

Teeth gnashing for nought …

This morning I’m sitting at Morels trying to calm myself. I’m pretty sure that the caffeine in the delicious, full-bodied coffee cancels out all my self talking and calming thought. But I’ll be alright, as always. 

The owner of the as-yet-unclaimed pit bull “Junior” had been out of touch for weeks. Eventually, I sought advice and help through the RCMP office in Valemount, which is the detachment that arranged for the dog to come to the Pet Hostel. Junior’s owner had been taken into custody, or as he put it when he finally phoned, “… had some legal matters to attend to.”.

When an officer returned my call, he asked ME, “And who are YOU? It’s not as if we just take someone’s dog and hand it over to some random person.”.  The funny thing is that I believed that I was speaking to the same officer who arranged transport and boarding of Junior back in March. I explained politely who I was and what my role in the saga is (I had already said my name). The member of Valemount’s finest had spoken to the dog’s owner, relaying to me that Ryan was apologetic, very attached to his dog, and was “a victim of circumstances”. “Don’t give the dog away!”

So last night, I texted Ryan to ask why he hadn’t sent the eTransfer that he had promised to send. He replied in a very terse manner, telling me that there was no need to text him to remind him, etc.. My reply to that was that it has been WEEKS and that there was no need to get snippy with us.

He promises to come tomorrow for his dog. I wanted to be paid ahead of time, so that the handover would be straight-forward, and that I could quit fretting!  Day after day, I have left notes on the door, especially on the days that Ryan had PROMISED to appear. Occasionally I have phoned or texted. Sometimes I even remember to padlock Junior’s gate.  Stay tuned. 

Otherwise, everything is AOK. I got my taxes filed last night and GST paid. I HAD BEEN gnashing my teeth about an amount owing on an assessed return from 2012. Finally, I had a hunch about why the CRA felt I owed $17,000 from that year, and brought this up to my tax preparer. 

Linda determined and affirmed where that impossibly big bill came from, and knew how to resolve it. Jubilation! The relief of having that situation resolved (or soon to be) goes a long way to balancing my angst about Junior. 

Because I am sitting in a restaurant in order to have Internet and talk to you, I don’t have any new pics. The Internet being “down” at home was another frustration… funny how we rely on it!

I might go to The Farm Store right now to buy some bedding plants… that always cheers me. I can’t get into too much more retail therapy where the new house is concerned… I don’t have storage for appliances, etc.. I’ll go home and get busy, and that is always a good thing. 

Love, Ann

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