Life and Pets

Toe woes

Last night I had a fitful sleep. I dreamt that my toe was turning gangrenous and had to be amputated. When I finally awoke, I was wishing that it had been. 

Everyone I know says that there can’t be much done for a fractured toe. Other than my condition of being overweight, I haven’t had such a nagging problem since I don’t know when.  I bought some nifty wrap which is identical to “vet wrap”, and bound it so tight that my toes went cold. It helped for awhile. Ice packs help for awhile, and so does heat. Pain killers help a bit, and tonight, alcohol seems key. 

Enough complaining. I had a wonderful morning of work and groomed three small dogs in four hours. After lunch, I went back to drawing pictures of kitchen cabinets, and even building some scale models of cabinet units. I was feeling a little frustrated, because when people don’t “get” my innovative ideas, I think I’m wrong. Or dumb.  I’ve warned everyone that the house design includes some quirky features that few others can understand (or agree with). 

I have faith that everything will fall into place. Although I’m afraid of making horrid mistakes, there are stopgap measures and a fail safe process. None of this is totally critical to life or budget. Even so, I’m operating on the assumption  that this might be a one-time deal, a house that I should  be proud to either live in or even sell. It’s a learning experience, an expensive one, and I don’t want to be disappointed or to fail. 

Tonight, Ule and TJ went home, Gracie the morkipoo too, and Zippy P. arrived. Earlier, I groomed Zippy S., Roxie and Buster. I waited all day for Junior’s owner to arrive, but he didn’t show, and I’m anxious. 

I didn’t mean to post this Blog Entry already. When I’m able to rise from the couch, I will find some pics to share. 

Hope you are all well. I treasure you for reading my Blog.  

~ Ann

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