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I’ve neglected to Blog for a long time again. I hope nobody takes it personally; I’ve been pretty busy since Passover.

I can’t believe it’s the middle of April already! I have a panicky feeling about the swift passage of time, not only by the week or the month, but by the season and the year. The DECADES are flying by at an alarming rate!

As winter draws to a close, even considering a few “snow days” in the past week, I realize how many things I didn’t accomplish during my months of proposed hibernation. The thing is, I was kept busy with things I love to do, mainly the care of pets, games of Scrabble, dreaming of building the new house.

A couple of weeks ago, the contractor for this proposed project phoned. I thought Ray was returning a call from me, but he hadn’t actually found my message on his answering machine. He was politely asking if we were still planning a house for the vacant lot in town, and he asked about building permits. When I gleefully chirped that I had obtained the “HPO number” and the permits for building and plumbing in December, he seemed to heave a sigh of relief and said, “Oh good, I was worrying about that.”. It was great that Ray affirmed that it was a wise move to get these permits before the building codes were changed… I had barely managed to get approval before the deadlines.

I have no problem following building code that makes a home more efficient, but some of the new rules involve paying government inspectors to visit, at the owner/builder’s expense. The government doesn’t trust us to do what is wise and smart and environmentally sound. By the old code, as I understand it, some of these choices are left up to us.


Waiting for a house

So that’s what I’ve been doing with many of my waking hours, including some that I should be using to sleep. I understand that my name has now come up in several conversations at the Home Hardware Building Supply store in our town; I’m curious what has been said, but have some confidence that “people” are on my side. I told the contractor Ray that there are features in my home design that might seem quirky; at the same time I trust that he, the building inspector, the plumber, electrician, Gary and others will not let me make a huge mistake.

Last night my foot was so sore (the one with the cracked toe) that I was restless, fretful and woozy until the wee hours of the morning. After I took something for pain, I was even more nauseous, so I don’t know whether the extra “thinkin’ time” was productive.

Today I groomed Snowy … she is always a doll. Smokey joined her in the wind of the blow dryer.


On Saturday, I sheared short this matted Kitty, who is also placid and patient. He growled a little for the shaving of the mats off his hind quarters … who wouldn’t? Then I trimmed Timber’s nails. Hasn’t she gotten so big? She is only a few weeks old and already over 50 lb.


As a general rule, I don’t mix dogs from different families. Sometimes, with the owners’ permission, I will let compatible animals be together in the big exercise yards. Here are Tippy, Shadow and Hunter, all puppies.


Tonight the population consists of Junior, Hunter, Tippy, Ule & TJ, and two dogs “Gracie”.

I feel like the week has been pretty productive. I managed to clean the car, which was overdue. I went to some yard sales, and found some treasures. Our long-time acquaintance, Bill, repaired the glass in our china cabinet door, and that was particularly a great thing to get off my list.

Folks, I’m weary now, and though my fat little foot hurts, I will try to sleep. It is always great to come here to talk with you, but sometimes I leave it so late in the day that I’m too tired to make much sense, even though the post is overdue.

Love you! ~ Ann

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