Dogs and Life

A great good day …

As I mentioned earlier today, my poor fat foot met with an accident. I leaped up from this computer to greet a treasured customer dropping off their most welcome dog to board, and “stubbed” my little toe on the furniture. I say that it must have fractured at the base… maybe just a tiny crack. It hurt like crazy all morning, and has felt steadily better all day. I’m hardy stock!


I just had a beautiful hound’s nails to trim, and a little Jack Russel terrier to clip short and plain. Then I had lunch with my good friend.





This wee terrier was as good as gold, which is understandable as her owner has kept her groomed all the dog’s life.


Moka is pictured with her sister, who just came along for the car ride but didn’t need her nails trimmed.

Larkin went home this evening, and what a wonderful visit I had with his owner! That young woman was a fount of knowledge about many things … we spoke of vacation rentals, the future of the Robson Valley, about our kennel, Internet banking. I felt inspired. She and her husband operate a bed & breakfast and mountain adventure business in Jasper.

My friend who brought Trinket for grooming donated a very large bag of bedspreads from her motel. In a short time, the cat Prin discovered this warm nest. She opened just one eye to acknowledge my presence.


Am fading, now that the night has become the morrow. Take care everyone. I love you for reading my blog.

~ Ann



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