Dogs and Life

Wednesday …

I started to compose a post on Monday night. As is typical of our Internet in the evening, the signal was fleeting and I was unable to post pictures to this Blog. Now it’s Wednesday, and I’ll give you a little update at the start of my day.

Monday I groomed five small dogs, and none were biters or too naughty. My workload is about half of what other groomers typically do in a day, but it is still enough for me, in all ways.

This was little Muffin’s first grooming, at least at a “shop”. I somehow missed the instruction to “leave the ears long”, but I certainly got the little dog smelling better and looking cute. I apologized three times about trimming her ears (in my defense, though I would have gone with the owner’s preference, I thought she looked sweeter with her ears shortish!). Muffin was nervous at first, and fidgety throughout, but I felt she really enjoyed her spa morning.



Snoopi is a regular patron of the Pet Hostel. Isn’t he just the brightest wee pooch? Here he is, comforted by Smokey in the wind of the blow dryer, and then ready to go home.


Murphy is also regular at the grooming shop. He belongs to friends, and seems positively gleeful when he arrives, and the whole time he’s at our house. I say to him “Let’s go see Gary!” and Murphy runs right in to seek out his human pal.


I also groomed Snoopi’s sidekick, “Emmi” on Monday. I bathed and brushed Tippy, who was going home to her owner in a new home.

Yesterday I groomed Sadie, a one year old Newfoundland dog. Although leery of my lift table, she enjoyed the process of being groomed, and seemed to feel like a million bucks afterward. Sadie is so loveable that I couldn’t quit hugging her until she was picked up. I don’t know how other groomers can do more than one huge dog in a day, but I was exhausted.



You can see that I worked dilute shampoo into the coat while Sadie rested on my table. This helped to coax some knots out, and some of the undercoat, and made shorter work of the thorough brushing, combing and trimming after the bath. I wrapped the towel around the great dog’s head as she was blown partly dry by my “high velocity” dryer, so that she didn’t feel uncomfortable with the noise and wind.

I should have got a better picture of Sadie “finished”, but you can see how shiny and fluffy she became, and how relaxed! I actually had to wake her up as the table was lowered, so that she could step off. Then we went and visited and hugged in one of the bigger indoor runs, while she waited for her ride home.

Joey was with us only for the day yesterday. It tugs at my heart to see Joey looking old. He’s a darling farm dog, a poodle brave and willing to police property and livestock. He is well treated at home, but not indulged in the way that many poodles are. With his achy bones, he seemed well pleased with the blanket on the heated floor.


Today will be a relatively quiet day, as far as I know and as far as I’ve planned. This is okay, as I still feel weary from yesterday’s work, and I can rally for tomorrow’s influx of boarders for the Easter weekend.

At this point, the boarding roster is just Gus, Larkin, Junior and Smudge. I forgot to get new pictures of Jasper and Timber, who were here for three days (Timber is getting to be a HUGE puppy for her age!).

My enthusiasm is ramping up for having the new house built. I have some trepidation at the same time, fretting that I might make mistakes of consequence.  I’m worried about spending the money, yes, but I have a vision of how the investment should work. Gary reminds me that if it is to be used for short-term rentals, I will have to do some housework/laundry there, and I did realize that. It is apt that the very idea makes me nervous, as I don’t my share of the work around here.

If I get tired of doing home cleaning in downtown McBride, I will have to create a different plan for the house.

I’m back chatting with you now, but when I leaped up to answer the door a few minutes ago, I cracked my little toe on the leg of the couch. I mean it. I have actually fractured my little toe, again, and now I feel woozy. I am so glad that I have only one small dog booked for grooming today, and can hobble around at my own pace, caring for the gang. Today might not be a good day for spring cleaning after all!











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