Life and Pets

Damn the lamp parts! Full speed ahead …

Pardon the play on old battle cries.

Today, aside from the care of dogs, and laundry, I have been trying to invent a colander pendant lamp for the new house. I’ve felt very enthused, but have been thwarted by “found items” that won’t come apart, gizmos I thought I had but can’t find, and plain inexperience. My bravado only takes me so far, and my expertise is deficient.

Do you know who taught me how to splice a wire? Myrtle did. From whom did I get some gumption? Maybe a little creativity? From Myrtle, mostly.

I was going to use a livestock heat lamp fixture, fitted with an ordinary bulb. At our local Home Hardware, the lamp was $36, and the wires came in to the socket from the side of the unit. Now, that wouldn’t matter to our chickens or calves, but might look odd as a hanging kitchen lamp.

I picked up the mail and groceries and mulled this over on the way home. Shelly left me with a red colander on one of her visits; it had belonged to her then roommate, but Shelly told me that Jenn wouldn’t mind if I kept it. I hope that is the case, because It is not quite as great for straining pasta now that I’ve been crafting.

I drilled a bigger hole in the centre of the colander and threaded a cord through. I had a “lamp socket” from our broken living room floor lamp: this was heavy porcelain or ceramic and appealed to me much more than the tinny sockets that one can buy to make or repair light fixtures.

At one point I went on a hunt for safety glasses. Grinding a hole in enameled tin created flying chips of paint, and later, I ground down the heads of some long screws to fit through the ceramic socket, which created sparks. Better safe than one-eyed and sorry.

Really, if my final product works, I’ll be sorry I didn’t make a YouTube video. I did as much inventing as I could but met with a conundrum at a point and could not find out from YouTube how to solve it. I will ask Rob and Gary for an opinion when they arrive here from their ski trip. I might be boasting a little, or be critiqued and humbled; at any rate, I want to make a safe product and am terrified to plug in my final creation! (At the Farm, I once hung a beloved light fixture purchased in Mexico. It went BANG! and needed repair…)


Now, I imagine that at least one of my readers will ask, “Why did she use that orange extension cord?”. The answer is that the lamp is going to be painted “Kubota Orange”, therefore the cord will coordinate. If the orange cord looks too obtrusive, I will replace it with a lighter cord harvested from the old living room lamp. That one is wrapped in unobtrusive transparent plastic.

My question for the “boys” when they get here (besides… ‘Is this lamp safe?’): “How do I attach the cord and lamp together so that the weight of the colander is supported?”. If I have to add a cable, so be it, but I would rather not add a length of chain. As you can see, I have added a couple of little brass picture hangers to which I can attach such a cable.

So… I will get back to you if I’m successful with my project.

That’s pretty much it for the day!

Love you lots,



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