Life and Pets

Hurray for Sunday…

There hasn’t been anything too remarkable about today, but it has been a good one and another day to be thankful for. I always look forward to Sunday Brunch on the town, and today’s “meeting” with friends was great. It was lively and fun, and the meal was acceptable.

This afternoon, I simply busied myself with more care of the dogs. Zippy, Max, Pepper and Sunny went home, and Junior arrived.








I spent some time with my buddies Clemina and Wally:


At afternoon coffee break time, I sat with Zippy on my lap, with a visit (and a kiss for Zippy) from Lady, and Prin at my elbow, looking at the dogs with disdain.


We took in a brand new doggy friend, “Junior”. His owner has been incarcerated, for reasons unknown to us (and none of my business). He is a beautiful pitbull puppy, gentle and obedient.


We have the handsome baby “Ajax” staying for a few days. I realize that I’ve already shown you a head photo…


We also have little Tippy for a couple of days. She is such an energetic Miss, vocal and playful, with other positive qualities.


One of my customers recently asked me, “How the hell have you been?”, and I replied, “Absolutely perfect!”. While you might think that we both were being a bit silly, both question and answer were sincere. Then my friend/customer called me a liar, and I laughed: “If I were doing any better, I couldn’t STAND myself!”.

I phoned my late stepmother’s cousin today. She will soon celebrate her 91st birthday. Claire appreciates that she is still above ground and suffers no dementia that she is aware of, and has been looking for an assisted living facility and to sell her home. We spoke of Myrtle and other close friends and relatives. It was such a great visit on the phone that I swear I must move “a trip to Calgary” up on my priority list. I have other reasons to go, including my darling littlest daughter, Kim, cousin Lesley and Aunt Janette, and my dear friend Helen. Others, too.

Well, folks, my mind has gone blank. We’ve had our dinner of curried pork rice casserole with Blackwood Garden Peas … that’s it (although there are cheese blintzes for dessert). And I had dinner while talking to you, my friends.

Love, Ann


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