Life and Pets

Lazy Saturday…

Anyone else experiencing a quiet weekend? So far, the pace around here has been so laid-back, I might even nap!

I have a new friend from Jasper. Jeff’s family doesn’t usually travel this direction, so we hadn’t met until now. I hope I can babysit this big gentle boy often, now that we love each other! The dog is actually “Jeff Gutt” named for a famous music producer.


Groomed a tiny shih tzu this morning. Her people have moved from Valemount to Red Deer, but told me that they “saved” Jose’s grooming for me! I am thrilled to have such an affirmation from a loyal customer. I clipped and bathed the wee dog, forgetting to take her picture.

I was glad to have the dog Bandit this week for his schnauzer cut. Isn’t he a handsome lad?


My friends got a new puppy a few weeks ago. Lucy has stayed with us twice, and has become the sweetest, most composed pet. She has a great home with folks who will care for her well and socialize her.

IMG_2712 IMG_2732

Betty has left her dog  with us also. “Duke” is a bit of a scallywag as far as marking his territory; he stays in a spacious outdoor run with a cozy dog house within. He seems quite content.

We have dear ol’ Willis and Tucker visiting as well. You’ve met them. Neither are any trouble at all! I just sit on the heated floor of their indoor runs and tell them my troubles. Actually… I tell them that I have no troubles, but they hang on my every word as if I really need them. Actually… I DO need them.


A few nights ago in Facebook, a friend posted that she needed some cannoli “tubes”. These are the little metal forms that one bakes a sort of cookie shell on/around. This got me thinking how Gary had mentioned enjoying cannoli in the past, and I couldn’t stop thinking about this. So I made some, without the metal tubes (but formed around a foil-wrapped dowel), and filled them with a rich custard made from what I had on hand. Then I ate one … and sort of regretted it; they were DELICIOUS, but, well, you know why I shouldn’t have done it. Also, they were far too much trouble. I might not bother ordering the cannoli tubes from Amazon.


It was a week ago tonight that we celebrated my 60th birthday! Oh, my goodness, I miss my girls so much. It was such a good weekend and over too soon.

Take care, folks. Love you all.

~ Ann

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