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Missing Mommy …

Today would have been Mom’s 91st birthday. I know it doesn’t really make sense to do this math, because she died at the age of 46. To think of what age she would be now just gives me a greater sense of loss and longing.


Earlier this week, while Gary was away skiing, I prepared something for my lunch that Mom used to make occasionally. It was an unlikely “dish” of a wiener sliced open, filled with mashed potatoes and topped with cheese. And catsup. I don’t remember when I last tried to emulate this lunch from the past. At any rate, although it filled the gap, the meal was not the fabulous and delicious creation I remembered from when Mom served it. I guess nothing is ever the same, not even the smallest things, once we lose our mothers.

I phoned Uncle John this afternoon. He said that he had been thinking about our (Rae’s and my) Mom today as well. We spoke of family … none of us is getting younger. I told John how things were so good around here, and he kept asking how I REALLY am, myself, so I finally confessed to having the fall on the ice a month ago. Can’t make myself out to be invincible, now, can I?

I wish Uncle John lived closer by. I so enjoy his dry wit, and during my rare visits, we have managed to have “a wee dram” together each afternoon. Over these little drinks of rye and water, we have covered so many bases and “caught up” so well.

I groomed one little shih tzu dog today, Shea, and a larger rottie cross, Smudge. I was not asked to bath Smudge, just to trim his nails, but I am so enamored with my new lift table that I can hardly help myself. I think the experience was a lot more fun for me than for Smudge (he might never have been up on a table before, and a bath would be a rarity as well!).


Yesterday I groomed these beautiful little dogs … Molly and Angel:


I gave Isla a thorough shampoo, brushing with the Furminator, nail trim, and hugs:


Yesterday I groomed these two, Ring and Tigger:


… and this beautiful big girl, Sophie:


We had a bunch on the weekend that I didn’t feature in the blog:








Maya was curious about Max, and almost got her nose nipped:


I groomed Molly on Monday. I left the cat, Prin, in the photo, just for fun.


Mick and Rory went home. Always love having these two at the Pet Hostel.



Rory aka "Lootie"

Rory aka “Lootie”

Mabel and Alaska went home. This was their first time staying with us, and they coped very well.





Little “Carnage” was just here for bath, nails and Furminator:


I had the honour of keeping little Lucy for the day, early in the week. She is a mix of Great Pyrenese and pitbull cross.


Every day around here is full of affirmation and (usually) mutual adoration. How can I EVER feel sad?

We are continuing to have trouble with our Internet service. I’ll say goodbye for now, in case suddenly this Blog won’t load!

Love to you all,


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