Dogs and Life

Another beautiful day…

It’s Saturday, and what a lovely day it is. Most of the snow is gone, and it even smells like Spring. Still, we could really get some “weather” before the season changes f’real.


I’ve had a rather easy day of first caring for twelve dogs and a parrot, and then shopping and visiting. Sometimes a trip to McBride is an event in itself, and I was away for hours, but what the heck… I like to “network”!

This afternoon I started a book that had been collecting dust on the bookshelf. Silly me … I said to our investment representative, “I need to buy ‘Investing for Canadians for Dummies'”, without remembering that it sat, unread, in our house. As the banker/broker Ron explained, I had already got “Investing 101” on the phone with him, and he had put my mind at ease about the performance of the porfolio (and that sounds loftier than it actually IS).

Yesterday, I groomed this little dog, “Missy”. She was as good as can be for everything except her face. We can’t reason with a pet not to duck and dodge while we are holding the sharp scissors and trying to trim them up; I did the best I could and certainly made her comfortable. Missy was so loving after the spa treatment, and even Gary remarked what a nice little dog she is.

I have some new customers this week… bless their hearts, as they were so humble when they phoned, thinking we would be booked up and unable to take their dogs. The owners, the young golden retriever and the older shepherd-schnauzer cross have all been dear.





What else can I tell you about the week? I haven’t had time to hang out in town too much, except for Wednesday when I had a lunch date. That was a wonderful visit with a lovely old friend, except for the part when she told me that she had decided it was more fair to “share” the grooming that her dogs need … with my competition. I just had to change the subject and soldier on.

Zeus went home today. When I heard that the owner was on his way to pick up the dog, I realized that I hadn’t trimmed Zeus’s toenails as requested. I took Zeus by the leash and he was happy and relaxed; that changed when I went to put him on my dandy lift table. He almost seemed that he would step onto the table, but when I “helped” by gently lifting his back half, Zeus lost his cool. Then I had to try to lift the whole dog 20″, and he wasn’t happy with THAT either. He urinated all over the floor and on me, but hey … I “won”. I got the job done with no loss of blood from the dog, or from me, and without me losing my cool. Sometimes I think that a dog will “play us”, as I have never given Zeus any reason to fear me or nail clipping or anything else. Doubt that the owners have, either. Anyway, I achieved success… and then forgot to charge the customer for the nails. Oh well.


Oh! I forgot about other new customers. These beautiful two are staying for the first time, and I have to say that they don’t seem to feel hard done by at all.





I have my big recliner inside this dog run, and Mabel can usually be found curled up in it. However, when I get the camera ready, she invariably jumps down (probably to be nearer the gate, in case I am approaching with a cookie, which I usually AM).

I really need to get back outside! Talk to you later!

Love, Ann


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