Life and Pets

I …

… have had about the laziest day on record, or at least in my memory. I wasn’t sure I wanted to talk to you, as I have felt a bit sheepish about such a slack day. I should be ashamed of myself, but I’m really not. Of course I took care of animals… several pets, chickens and the horse. I visited them all several times. Other than that, all I did today was put wood on the fire and watch TV, surf the ‘net, eat (trying to stick to a diet)  and in the morning went for coffee (and mail and groceries). In other words, the minimum I could manage, considering I’m not really unwell, and am on my own for the day. I swear I could feel my ribs and back healing today! I’m not known for my hard work or high energy, but this restful time seems to have done me some good.

It’s a quiet time at the Pet Hostel: we only have Roxie & Abby, Seltzer & Maya, and Zippy. The rest went home on “Family Day”, which was Monday, or Sunday night or yesterday. I miss all my doggy guests, but I think I miss Max the parrot most.

On Monday I groomed this sweet little dog. He was pleasant and composed as a guest, and I even popped popcorn for him on Saturday night. But for grooming, Gizmo was the devil’s spawn and freaked out for everything in the process.


Yesterday I had Katie to bath and brush. Katie is a gentle and trusting dog, and I only had to pat the new electric lift table while it was low to the floor, and Katie stepped on. The ride back up to a workable height is so smooth and quiet that the dear dog was not alarmed in the least. Then she needed only to step into the bath tub for her shampoo and blueberry facial, then back onto the table for more the furminator (deshedding) treatment and nails.


Today there was nothing in my appointment book, that is, no comings-or-goings, no grooming. The only phone call was someone trying to give away cats and kittens. I enjoy the business when it’s busy, but I don’t mind a day of rest either.

Take care, everyone. May you enjoy the health and get the rest you all deserve.

Love, Ann

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