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Hurray for Sunday …

We spent a long time at breakfast today! The conversation was lively and much information (and opinion) was exchanged. My ribs were really hurting as I sat there, and worse when I stood up, almost as if the bruised muscles decompressed somehow. Days after my fall on the ice, the pain has moved across my back and includes my right ribcage. It’s getting steadily better, and could have been so much worse.

There was a message on the answering machine when we got home, “Do you have time today to do Heinz’s nails?”. I did, in fact, have all kinds of time, but I had to decide if I felt well enough. Then Heinz’s owner phoned again and I made the snap decision that it was a small task I certainly could perform, and a little money to put in my pocket. I also took the opportunity to show the new grooming table to my customer, who was duly impressed.


The dogs are all cared for (and the resident cats). Gary has been doing most of the work around here … moving the new snow around, packing firewood, maintaining vehicles and house. Oh wait… that’s not news. I wonder if he knows how much I appreciate him.

Gary has been refinishing a piece of furniture that I call a buffet. Perhaps it could also be called a sideboard. I was complaining last year that I wasn’t really in love with that item and might get rid of it. Goodness knows where I thought I would put all of the serving pieces, china and silverware and the like, that were contained within. Gary asked me if I might like that buffet more if it was refinished, and I thought so:

IMG_1958 IMG_1954

I don’t have very much to report otherwise! I’m off to watch the rest of the movie, ‘The Book Thief’, on NetFlix.

Have a good day, everyone.

Love, Ann

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