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Cat’s out of the bag …

I had glimpsed the signs and picked up on the clues. Gary told me a long time ago not to say that I didn’t need a lift table for my grooming business, as I was foiling his “plan”.

I didn’t let on that I had seen a private message from Susan to Gary when his browser and Facebook page were open on the computer. I willed myself not to read it. When Gary’s phone chimed and Kim’s name appeared on the home screen, I ignored that too.

When a call came last night from a local small transport company with a message for Gary, I really couldn’t pretend anymore. The “parcel” will arrive today, some weeks before my 60th birthday.

I’m over-the-moon excited. I tried one kind of hydraulic table last year, and it was an inexpensive model. It looked fine but had some shortcomings, and I sold it at a loss to someone who needed a table for only smaller dogs. I will love having a sturdier model on which to groom the heaviest dogs, as opposed to getting down on the concrete floor with them.


As I work around the Pet Hostel and the house, I keep mulling over whether “Bill” deserves or even would benefit from a response to his email. I resent that the communication is occupying my mind. Do I try to reason with a paranoid delusional manic depressive?


On a cheery note, I had this handsome fellow to groom yesterday.



Early this week, I babysat the lovable puppy, Ruger.


Gary and I had our lunch of mulligatawny soup, and he went back to refinishing furniture in his shop. I received the phone call that our cargo was soon to be delivered and went out to let Gary know about it.

I heard the truck coming up the driveway and went out to meet it … suffering an inglorious but humiliating  fall on a patch of ice. The transport crew saw this happen, and though at first I wasn’t sure I could get up, I did so. The men were most concerned but I gave them the thumbs up and acted like nothing had happened.

As I fell, I had time to worry. Do you break your wrists trying to stop your fall? How about dropping and rolling? Who has time to think? I don’t even understand how it could happen, as my landing was quite slow and seemed low-impact, but my ribs have suffered some kind of trauma. I could feel a tearing sensation before I hit the ground. My left rib cage and breast are causing me grief unless I can keep my body very still. I supposed that one can stretch the intercostal muscles and even one’s pectoral muscles, without cracking ribs. Now I’ve taken some pain killers, had a meet-and-greet with potential new customers (human AND dogs), and I know I will steadily recover. I worry that I was “testy” with the nervous fellow whose dogs had never been kenneled and who took photos while I tried to reassure him about my good record (of care and security for pets).

Then Gary unpacked, assembled and leveled the new grooming table. I couldn’t be MORE THRILLED! I marvel at the powerful but quiet electric action of moving the platform down to its lowest height, 20″, and up to the highest point, about 4 feet. The table is very heavy and sturdy, not at all like the one I got for myself. This is a precious early gift to me for my 60th birthday, from our daughters Kim, Shelly, Susan and Beth, and, of course, Gary.


As you can see, Lady looks uneasy, though her nails are already clipped and I’m about to lower the table so that she can step off. As usual Smokey is providing company and comfort.

That’s about all I have to report today. I’m going to make myself a cup of tea and try not to move about so much.

Love, Ann

2 thoughts on “Cat’s out of the bag …

  1. Hey Annie – Congratulations on the great gift. You do need a good table despite what you said about the old one.

    Mark “Bill’s” email as spam. The guy sounds like a nutcase. Dont feed into his delusions.
    Maybe you need to come over and use my hottub. Nobody is here during the day and you can just soak away some of that pain. My infrared sauna works wonders on muscles too. Bring Gary. You two can have a smooch in the hottub together. Really though, I’m serious – come over. The hottub is private – nobody can see you in it.


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