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Happy Thursday! …

It’s astounding to me how fast the weeks go by. Each day is as wonderful as the last, for the most part, though daily I gain another wrinkle, I think, and another fraction of a pound. But you folks would get tired of reading about my distress about my weight if I shared all my angst about THAT (and the aging).

I feel like I “lost” a day this week, as Gary and I ventured into Prince George for routine-type medical appointments on Monday. We checked Target for bargains, went to my eye exam, and had a lunch. I looked in Value Village while waiting for my hubby, and when he reappeared, I announced that I didn’t feel like any other shopping, “Let’s just go home…”.

To the best of my recollection, I hadn’t been out of McBride as far as Prince George, since last March, when Callie died. That is how I remember the dreadful occasion … that we were away for an overnight trip, and the tiny dog lapsed into unconsciousness while our friends were watching over things. I felt so guilty that our friends had to go through finding the dog in such a state, rushing her to the vet, and tracking us down while my cell phone wasn’t working. Poor Callie and poor Les and Nancy. And poor me; when we hurried home later the same day that the dog suffered a suspected “brain bleed”, I made the decision not to do any more heroic measures. Callie was alive but completely dazed, Dr. Vogel had to go out of town the next morning, and he candidly advised me that the little dog was unlikely to recover even if we did more testing and treatment. If money could have saved her, that would have been my choice. When I averred that euthanasia seemed the best, perhaps only, option, the vet answered in his matter-of-fact manner, “This is not an inappropriate decision.” I still want to cry when I think of Callie.


Today I’m looking forward to grooming “Beau”, a large german shepherd mix. Patient and gentle, we usually clip his heavy coat quite short, sometimes twice per year.

Boarders today are Ule & TJ, Seltzer & Maya, Kifaa, Baxter, and two of the BEST pitbull crosses EVER:

Belle & Remy

Belle & Remy

Belle and Remy are both obedient, intuitive, calm, good with cats and other dogs. They are among the finest boarders. I just want to hug them (and I do); Belle rewards me with an ingratiating smile each time I look in that direction.

I received some excellent news yesterday! The loans officer at BMO in Calgary actually TOLD me that she had to be careful (keeping in mind the time difference) not too call too early in the morning to share this. I have been accepted for a line of credit which will afford me the funds to build the new house.

In the grand scheme of banking, lending, and investment, I’m “small potatoes”, but I resent if I’m treated that way or if I feel that I’m forgotten. Though the amount of the loan request was not large, bankers need to make their formulas work. Evidently, they can’t take into consideration our relatively low cost of living, or details such as that my renters pay their own heating bill, and so on. When calculating debt servicing, they don’t take into account that I have zero balances on credit cards, only the credit limits! I told the loans officer that I might have to “put a house on credit cards” again, as I did when I bought my first rental property.

I’m not sure what the catalyst was for the application, or for the banker’s diligence in “pushing the application through”. She stated to me that she had presented this to one credit officer and then to a “better” one, whatever that really means. Earlier this week, I had made a phone call just to check on the status of my application, and the loans officer used the words, “… as I explained to you before…”, in reminding me what documents would still be needed to process the paperwork. Then she said that she had to “phone me right back in a few minutes”. I waited an hour and a half, and it was coincidence that I was near the phone when she returned my call.

During the next conversation, I stated that I find the remark, “… as I explained to you before…”, condescending. I reminded her that her line of work was not like mine, and it shouldn’t matter if she had to explain something more than once in our course of business. There was a pause on the phone during which I swear the crickets chirped, and then we spoke of other details about my loan or line of credit, and even life in general. I said that I would be willing to apply for a lesser amount, if that would aid my application, although this would make my project more challenging.

I’m glad that I spoke my mind but didn’t embarrass myself. “D.” was left with a way to rally and think about how she speaks to even the most humble customer. Oh, I might have also slipped in a remark about moving my investments out of that bank.

I don’t know that standing up for myself on the telephone changed the outcome of our banking business. “D” even said to me that she hadn’t seen my most recent emails (in which I had said I was growing weary of the process and the waiting, and trying to confirm which documents were still needed). I don’t believe that they weren’t received, but they might have been unread. It made me feel good that I pointed out her moment of condescension without making her feel abused or making myself appear cruel or rude. After all of this, though, I am elated that my line of credit application was accepted, and for a higher limit than I’d requested; I should be able to build a decent house without juggling the funds through credit cards!

After quite a long break, I’m going to go back to dreaming and reading home design books, tweaking my scale-model house, and giving the whole project more thought. Spring is coming!

Hope you are all well and happy, or healthy and coping, or whatever helps your journey.

Love, Ann

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