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What to write, what to write? …

Yesterday, I was going to start, “Happy Thursday”. For as long as I can remember, Thursday has been my favourite day of the week. I’ve never known why; perhaps I was born on that day and remember how loved I was.

Monday’s child is fair of face,

Tuesday’s child is full of grace,

Wednesday’s child is full of woe,

Thursday’s child has far to go,

Friday’s child works hard for a living,

Saturday’s child is loving and giving,

But the child who is born on the Sabbath day

Is bonnie and blithe and good and gay.

The poem has little significance, because over the years, some of the lines have been switched and the words changed … it’s arbitrary, if whimsical. I’m sentimental about it because my mom used to read it to me from the ‘Better Homes and Gardens Children’s Story Book’.

Yesterday my poor husband hit a deer on the highway. He had no way to avoid it, nowhere to safely go and though he braked hard, he hit the doe straight on. Gary was unhurt, but felt sad that there were fawns also about to cross the busy road. Perhaps they are old enough to survive without their mother.

I haven’t had a terribly busy week, and so I’ve done some work on my 2014 books. I also submitted the GST that I owed for the years that I hadn’t collected it, and that was sobering and a relief at the same time. This was the impetus for me to list some great stuff on the McBride Facebook Buy & Sell … shoes, jewellery and books so far. Because of taxes including GST that I ended up paying, plus penalties and interest (my own fault), I have had to rob some of my “house-building” fund. I had been so careful to feed that fund and it does hurt to dip into it.

Being in this unnerving situation again, to my chagrin, is incentive for NEVER GETTING BEHIND ON MY TAXES again. Back in the day when I rarely owed any money to Revenue Canada, it seemed fine to let this work slide for years. I’ve had an acquaintance suggest that I am not doing my books creatively enough that I owe CRA  anything (or have to pay GST) even NOW, but I haven’t done that (“cook the books”) for fear of being caught in a deception.

Good thing that my work still makes me so happy:


I’ve been finding time to work on my website and certainly need to do this before I forget how to sign in and make changes. I’m trying to make an updated “gallery” of pet clients, and then switch the gallery pages around so that the most recent pages come up first. People DO browse to try to find their own pets, and I worry that they might tire of going through so many pages. At the same time, I can’t bear to remove any pictures of the hundreds in my collection.

Heard from Shelly last night; she has been accepted into the Nurse Practitioner program! This means that two of my girls are working on Masters degrees, and Susan has achieved two. (“Oh, mom, don’t tell people that!”)

The folk singer Raffi, who I once met when I was too shy to make the most of it, wrote a song that I particularly love.

“… and I feel like a million, feel like a million, to have the friends I do…”

I think I say this to myself almost every day. I’m going to lunch with a good and long-time friend today. Earlier this week, a beautiful friend phoned to see if I was okay. I hadn’t added to my blog for almost two weeks, and she thought she should check on me.

Most of the time I’m full of joy, and only rarely “under the weather” or unhappy. It’s because of my family, friends and career, and an amazing amount of luck and health, that I remain so buoyant. Raffi wrote his song when he was very low, feeling “like two cents”, and it’s because of the blessings I have that I don’t get like that. Not often, anyway. When I’m so joyful, I try to think of who needs something, some cheer, a hand up. There are so many, that I end up not helping very many people, and just staying home to look after the place, my Gary, and my business.

And now I’m doing my own fund-raising to satisfy my debt to Revenue Canada… this takes some time.

Okay, now I’m just rambling again. I got a phone call about a little diamond ring I’m selling, and I haven’t done some of the usual animal-related chores, so I’m off the computer for awhile!

Hope you all have a lovely day!

~ Ann

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