Life and Pets

Uneven keel…

I should wait until I calm down before I rant in my Blog! But hey, if I tell you every single time that life is 100% rosy, you might start to find me boring. Oh, maybe I’m too late … but thank you for being here!

The day started with grooming this beautiful little dog who belongs to friends. Murphy is hangin’ with us for the day (though his Uncle Gary is out working for now).


Other than Kifaa, we have only our delightful little “granddogs” boarding, Seltzer and Maya. It is fine with me to have a “slow period”.


The small irritation which happened this morning was that I posted an item of jewellery on the McBride Buy & Sell Facebook Page, with a line stating, “Pick up here only, please”. So of course, right after I accepted an offer, I was asked to bring the item into town! Now, I could have simply said, “No.”, right? Perhaps I’m more frustrated with myself; and what does it hurt me to deliver to McBride, anyway? (I liked a ring so much I “bid” on two the same!)


Forgive me while I rant some more …

I was asked to lend an airline kennel, and because I know that the dog owner in question has little income, I said that I would not charge for the use of it. I didn’t even lay a trip on the dude by saying that I usually DO charge a small fee. So the fellow said that he would be by on Friday or Sunday night to pick up the kennel.

He hadn’t shown up yet, and so I sent an email saying that I hoped that I hadn’t missed him. So he showed up at the door a few hours later saying, “Yeahhhh, I didn’t know that I was ‘tying up’ one of your kennels.”. When I explained that I just wondered if he was still needing it, he went on at length about when his dog would get spayed and some other details of his life.”.

I knew that this guy was thinking/planning to give his dog away because of some interesting changes in his world and love life. I didn’t pass judgement (well, it’s often quite a betrayal to a dog, but happens all the time), but said that having the dog spayed will increase chances of being able to find a new home for her.

Today he tells me that a farm family wants to adopt his dog, have her bred, then give her back to the guy so that he can get her spayed through our local Spay and Neuter Society (for a small donation, plus his cost of fuel, which he was complaining about). Then the farm family wants to have her back! It is not really my business, but the farm family is not poor.

I couldn’t contain myself. I told the dog owner that this was a terrible abuse of the Spay & Neuter Society. People… FRIENDS of mine, have worked very hard to qualify for grants, have held fundraisers, and have done a tremendous amount of leg work in order to make the Society perform as it does, for the benefit of many.

I try not to be a hypocrite either, I really DO! There was a time that I delighted in having litters of puppies here: some that were mixed breed, some born to pregnant pets I had rescued, and some that were “planned” out of purebred dogs. None of it makes sense for my life anymore, and though I try not to be a judgmental person, I wonder about the wisdom of my acquaintances breeding an already-mixed dog to who-knows-what. I belong to so many rescue foundations that are full of everything from cute, fluffy pups to bewildered senior dogs, purebred and mongrel.

Although many times I am aware of someone looking for just a certain type of pet, I am distressed to learn of lots of litters born locally that have poor prospects for having responsible homes forever.

Okay… Gary got home and I’ve opened my mail. Now I have the GST department of Revenue Canada breathing down my neck. I’m off to do bookwork, and perhaps I can put the angst and fury of the day behind me.

Love, Ann

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