Life and Pets


Hope everyone has a safe and pleasant, even happy and prosperous year to come.

It seemed to me that I was going to write about something riveting or even funny, and I cannot remember at all what that was. Gary and I “rang in” the new year with me reading my new book from Shelly, and he trying to stay awake, or more specifically, wake up in time to wish me a Happy New Year. It was a pleasant evening, starting with the Turkey & Seafood Divan, with kugel, and gingerbread (cake) with lemon sauce. We just didn’t do anything like “party” or dance, and that’s how I’ve come to enjoy New Year’s Eve.

There are only a few doggy guests at the moment: Spike and Rocky, Joey, Seltzer & Maya, Robbie, Buddy, Pullo, Kifaa and Duke. All is well with everyone here.

After lunch, I launched a flurry of activity in one corner of the kitchen. I mixed up some home-made cleanser in a new spray bottle, therefore marking the start of some kind of housework significance. I DID get a few things put away and counters wiped, and then when I dispensed some cherry vodka (delicious liqueur from our own cherries) into a smaller bottle and found that there were about two ounces two much to fit … I DRANK IT! Now I do not feel like cleaning or organizing or tidying. Pfft

I just got a phone call about a possible “lead” on a dog that has gone missing in our area. It is believed that this enormous St. Bernard might have been picked up on the highway and taken to another area. The lady who called me said that there were “two St. Bernards” in the Prince George Animal Control/SPCA facility, and we were in agreement that any information should be considered. We also agreed that “time was of the essence”, but I found it difficult to get the conversation ended so that I could contact the worried owner.

I passed on the message, but then went looking for more “first hand” info on the dogs. They are listed as “1 year old St. Bernard crosses” on the SPCA website, so I’m thinking that I was complicit in giving out a disappointing and futile lead.  I hope so much that “Fidor” is returned or found very soon.

This morning I talked to cousin Lesley for a long time. I did most of the talking: that poor girl! As we spoke of homes, and of building homes, she told me that she thinks I’m building a “Jewel Box House”. I had never heard the expression! When I Googled the term I knew that was true. You see, I’ve been reading online and in books about “small homes” and tiny homes and downsizing and aging-in-place, and all manner of concepts that didn’t quite fit my vision, although most of my reading has yielded some useful information. Jewel Box Houses could be described as small homes which use the best of materials and ingenious storage solutions. Simple, I know, but I didn’t know that someone had coined a great name for the type of house I’ve been planning.

Great news in our family: our niece, Sarah, and her man, Justin, are engaged! They have started their life together as far as setting up a home, and everyone is thrilled for them to be making this next step!

Thank you to everyone who made my Christmas Season special.


So I guess now I can start on 2014 taxes, right? I have to keep the plan in the forefront of my little mind, as it’s very disappointing to have to pay penalties and interest.

Now I’m just rambling. I think I’ll go back to cleaning. Maybe I’ll just go back to Scrabble online or my book.

Love you all!

Here’s a really feel-good video for you:…/

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