Life and Pets

The beat goes on…

I tried to come up with a less lame title, but gave you that.

I took the Christmas tree down yesterday; there was a time that I saved that work for January 1st or 2nd. We have a small house and it seems like the tree, however charming, is in the way. I appreciated Gary obtaining the tree and Susan decorating it.



My beautiful family: Shelly, Susan, Kim, Gary.

I groomed this beautiful border collie today. Buddy is a big boy for his breed, but very gentle and compliant. He was patient as I cut and combed through his mats and heavy undercoat. He “helped” as I lifted him into the doggy bathtub, and stood so still throughout the shampoo and rinse. Buddy stepped from the tub onto the grooming table without hesitation and lay down when asked.


Lucas went home today. He was a delight to have in the kennel … every time I came into the building, Lucas greeted me as if I was “the second Coming… “, and that always gives me an extra joyful countenance.


I am having trouble with loading pictures and continuing this Post. I’m going to click “Publish” and hope for the best. Perhaps I’ll get back with my picture of Lucas and some more chatter.

Love, Ann

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