Life and Pets

A Joyful Noise …

Okay, some would differ. Even we have our limits. I have to say, though, when there are 25 dogs here, each one is entitled to say something to their neighbour, or voice their opinions when someone new arrives, or even when a vehicle uses the driveway next door.

The commotion that ensues when one of the neighbours exercises her dog by using that driveway and letting the dog run alongside the truck is absolutely unreal, and I wish it didn’t happen. At those times there seems nothing I can do to gain control and quiet, so we just have to wait it out. I apologize to other neighbours at regular intervals.

It has been an exceptional Season for even better reasons! All three of my darling girls were here over Christmas. All three have gone their own ways now, but what a lovely visit we had. The Pet Hostel was busy and required so much work that I couldn’t sit and cry when then last child drove away …

There are not 25 dogs here at the moment. I would have to make a list in order to share what the number of guests is. You see, almost every day some arrive and some go home. We have had a nice time and I love the business, and it helps pay the bills.

Here’s a gift I got from a customer who is also a friend (and someone who defends me when mutual acquaintances say that they can’t understand how ANYONE would pay for pet services!).


Here are some of the guests:

Wally & Clemina

Wally & Clemina

These two are bigger than they appear in the photo… they are both 100 pound Maremma crosses. They are not biologically related, but live in the same home now.



Duke is a chocolate Labrador who has just become a proud father. He visited the neighbour’s sheep guarding dog about 63 days ago.



Pullo is another intact male, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. He looks completely innocent in this photo, and he is very obedient with humans, he is combative and vocal around other dogs, particularly other dogs-with-balls.

IMG_1521 IMG_1515

On the left is Duke, and his sidekick from same family is on the right, Foxy. They have been about the quietest two dogs on site this Season! Duke would not look up from his treat while I took the picture; Foxy had finished hers and knew I had more SOMEWHERE!



Koda is very large, gentle and kind, and rarely makes any noise. I can hardly walk by her without going in the kennel to give her a hug. Earlier this year, the other dog from her family suddenly died, and now that I see her arrive “alone” at the Pet Hostel, I feel rather tearful.



Max is the African Grey Parrot who you’ve met before. He just went home. I said to Max’s owner, “If he doesn’t bark like a dog NOW, I don’t know what would make him do so…” . The bird jabbers away, saying intelligible things and the unintelligible at other times. I’ve tried to teach him what I call the “Friendly Giant” tune, but usually he just belts out the last three notes, and that’s quite pleasant too.



When Molly came for grooming on December 23rd, I really had nowhere to “put” her until I could give her her bath. I just wrapped her up in my coat on our couch. When she got down, she went over to Gary, who held her for awhile… I should have got THAT photo!

As well as the above, we had, or still have, Jasper, another Jasper, Buddy, Oscar, Tippy, Scruffy, Odie, Lucas, Festus, Aura & Mikko, Mick & Rory, Kifaa, Seltzer, Maya, Ceili, and Hunter. I might have forgotten to take a photo, or even have forgotten to tell you about some of the guests, but you may be sure that they have had endless rounds of feeding, treats, fresh water, hugs and praise, and of course the cleaning-up, which Gary has helped a lot with. Some of the more vocal dogs have had a bit of verbal scolding, which occasionally yields a positive result. Other times I just feel the stress and give myself a headache.

I’m go to go lie down on the couch and catch up to my online Scrabble games for awhile before starting supper.



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