Life and Pets

Jubilation …

No, I didn’t win the lottery. But it feels like I won a lottery, maybe a small one.

Yesterday, I applied for the building permit on the little house I planned for McBride. I was worried, as I’m not an engineer or an architect (yet). I’m barely competent in home design, nor have I learned to use any “CAD” program on the computer. I had taken only my own scale drawings and a small scale model cardboard house to the Building Inspector.

The great rush to apply was derived from the fact that changes to the existing building code will take effect December 19, and yesterday was the last time I could meet with Al before that date. Now, some of these changes will make sense to a builder, and to me, and others look like a government grab for more hundreds of dollars. It would seem, because of my timing, that I can choose what makes sense, but not be required to have certain inspections (for which one pays) for efficiency.

We plan to build a safe and efficient house anyway, so I hope that I’m not sounding just stubborn, heaven forbid. A builder/tradesman in town told me that after December 19, some of the required changes would make a difference to my building cost by as much as $20,000! That money can be used for better windows, insulation, and the like, rather than for paying for the privilege of being monitored even more, by the provincial government. I also had to pay $425 for permission from the government to even start the application process: a “Homeowner Protection exemption” for an owner/builder … made necessary by the “Leaky Condo” scandal of lower mainland fame, of a few years ago. Now we ALL pay.

So… I was sold a building permit, as you might have gathered. I had left my drawings and scale model house at the Inspector’s office early in the day, and when I went back in the afternoon, Al had had some time to go over the information. Perhaps he knew that the process is intimidating to some, as the first thing he said was, “You WILL be issued a building permit today, but I have just a few questions.”. That put me at ease, and the questions were easy, the suggestions welcome. I had to pay $800 for all of this, but I am jubilant nonetheless.

Vacant lot: needs house

Vacant lot: needs house

The building inspector told me that he thought my drawings were “quite good, better than most…”, and that I was the only one who had ever brought him a scale model (graph paper and cardboard) house. Al liked both.

The reservations for Christmas for the Pet Hostel keep coming in. I am thankful every day for my well built kennel building! Sometimes the voice in my head asks, “What did I do before the improved facility?”. Answer: dogs in the house/porch/heated small grooming shop, and many outdoors full time, albeit with shelter. It was less organized and less comfortable for pets and humans alike. I can remember.













You’ve seen recent pictures of Rover and Ozzie. Tomorrow, some lovely guests go home, or will have gone home this evening, and others will arrive. My career makes me jubilant every day, truth be known!

Oh! Did I neglect to show you the pictures of the new cat? *cough* I mean… the cat I consented to board for a month before I find him a new home. At least I am free of the histrionics of well-meaning neighbours of this cat’s gravely ill owner, and the cat is warm and fed and safe.



I took myself for lunch today. I needed to get something to the Post Office, and there was a parcel to pick up. It wasn’t what I’d hoped, but that’s fine. From Israel, I received some Hannukah candles; last night was the first night, and we actually did have candles, so now we have some for a couple of years. Gary was away skiing, but I started the celebration anyway!

This was my lunch. It was delicious:


I’ve never had a bad lunch at Morels anyway. The food at one of the other restaurants in town is also always good, but the proprietor sometimes makes people feel unwelcome, so I’m taking a break from that place. My feelings got hurt.

After lunch and grabbing a few groceries, I stopped at Country Chic. The gals who own that spa and hair salon wanted to buy some of the bracelets that I had offered in our local Facebook Buy & Sell, and then offered to feature all I had!


Is that enough sharing of the minutiae of my days? I’m so glad you check my blog and look forward to talking to you often.

Hope everyone is well. Going in to the Christmas Season and the New Year is difficult for many. I do hope that you are not grieving and having a hard time. If you are, remember to reach out, as there is always someone to listen and to love you.

~ Ann

p.s. As I left the restaurant after my soup & toast, a friend came in and offered an enthusiastic greeting and hug. I was sitting with Eunice at lunch, and we always hug goodbye. An acquaintance, witnessing all this good humour and these warm embraces, remarked, “What, is it your birthday or something?”.


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