Life and Pets


I’m so glad for Sunday breakfast! It seems like a rest, an oasis in the week.

It’s not that I’ve been busy. You know, from me talking to you, that I have had a bit of a slow period, but this is changing. I wish I had a bigger boarding building; I look at my book and think, “WHERE will I put everybody?”. It’s all under control … dogs get picked up and different ones arrive almost daily, so just when I think we are full, the numbers change.

Today we have an awesome bunch. As policy, we don’t do the “dog park” thing with our guests: if people want their dogs to play with other dogs, they need to do it on their own time, for the most part. Pets are always in some proximity to other pets, so there is a great degree of socialization possible and expected. Even so, if dogs all run together, and there is some altercation, it is difficult to intervene safely, and owners would not be happy with say, a torn ear or the resulting vet bill. Does that make sense?

When I had the boarding kennel at Dunster, I would throw open most of the kennels at once, and unless I knew there was an anti-social dog, we would walk all together as a pack around the farm. Those were precious times, but there was always the risk of a dog not staying with the rest of us, and the highway was close by. At this location (now for 22 years), I am big on security and safety. I consider myself smarter than back then.

On this rare occasion, we happen to have three pit bulls boarding. I get along with all of them very well. Belle does not make friends as easily as some dogs, but she is a good girl while in my care.

Belle, on "Nana's Chair"

Belle, on “Nana’s Chair”

The owners of these two sweeties had to leave a week early for their Christmas holiday, due to an urgent family situation. It was not a problem to have them arrive today.


Above: Rover and Ozzie. Rover looks guilty, but has no reason to feel that way. Ozzie is anxious for her cookie.

We have Rosie for another few days, and she will get a bath, brush and trim before she goes home.


Rosie is related to Hunter, who is also staying with us.


We have Squeaker until tomorrow:


Gracie went home today:


So did Cole, with his Christmas collar cover:


We’ve had a couple of little dogs come and go since I last wrote:


There was a cat situation this week. I finally consented to allowing a cat to come and live with us for an indefinite period. Now, “indefinite” is not synonymous with forever! The large fluffy tabby, “Jack”, is a neutered male whose owner is in hospital. In the interest of privacy, I won’t say more in my Blog, but there were so many people concerned about Jack that I started to worry about him myself. Now that I’ve met him, I have no regret about taking him in, but I have enough cats already. The saga continues. I’ll try to get back here with a picture of the handsome boy.

It’s almost time for the 11:00 bed check and “lights out”, when I reassure everyone in the kennel, distribute treats, and shut things down. If I think a dog won’t stand outside barking, and it’s not too cold, I will leave doggy doors open. I check water, usually scratch the guinea pig’s ears, those kinds of essential tasks.

Everyone take care.

Love, Ann

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