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My ordinary life…

Sometimes as I go about my day, I think of what I’ll write in my blog. All the chatter in my head seems ever so much more interesting or profound than when I actually sit down to compose a blog post.

I have had a series of pleasant days in life and in business. A few dogs to board, some to groom, trips to town for groceries and mail, one breakfast and two lunches “out”. It’s Thursday, and I often reserve this day for errands such as garbage & recycling, pop can returns, and … groceries and mail.

I don’t feel like going into McBride today after all. I need some baking supplies, but that can wait until tomorrow. Likewise all the other stops.

I groomed this sweet dog today. Pearl is a medium sized mixed breed dog who was adopted by a long-time friend of mine. My friend was near Prince George and answered an ad for “Free Puppies”, but when she got to the location, the people wanted some money for a pup. I forget what the amount was, but said friend thought the puppies looked to be in poor health and wanted to rescue one of the two. Afterward, she thought that she should have bought the other one as well, but when she phoned back, the people said that the pup was “gone”. We will never know what happened, but Pearl was nursed back to health and is a bright, pleasant, sturdy dog today. She will go home soon.


Pearl has had her whitening shampoo, blueberry facial and pedicure, and is sporting her new Christmas collar cover.

I also groomed Nellie today:


We also have Baxter staying overnight, and Rosie staying for awhile, Norton & Chica, Pullo, Hunter and Squeaker.



We babysat Robbie while his owners did some Christmas shopping:


He also got a bath and trim, and a collar cover. He doesn’t look impressed, but is very even tempered and weathers the process with aplomb.

We were wakened at 5:30 this morning by a customer phoning from another province. He did not consider the time difference! That’s all I’ll say about that.

Shall I talk about the weather? We’ve had all kinds of winter here, anything that could normally be expected, and all in quick succession. Three feet of snow (accompanied by long power outages), then -30˚ C. , then warmer temperatures and high wind. Now we have muddy conditions and heavy cloud cover. When friends, and friends of friends, post pictures of their tropical vacations, I bitterly reflect that they are just bragging. I know it is not really the case.

I’m going to sit with a cup of decaf and contemplate what dinner should look like. I am making some kind of lamb stew, but I have decided I don’t like lamb and might have only salad.

I shouldn’t bitch about it in my blog, but I am disgusted with myself for getting quite chubby again. Food is my weakness and my joy, but it would have been much better to use restraint about thirty pounds AGO, than to try to get back at “dieting” again. I didn’t think I would put the weight back on this time. None of the prettier clothes I bought when I was slimmer fit anymore. Christmas baking and visiting and dinners are just around the corner. Wish me luck. 😦

Hope you are well. That’s the main thing, no matter what our size, right?

Love, Ann


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