Life and Pets

Quiet start to the week …

The rest of the week will bring change, but it is all fun and grand.

Shelly visited just overnight on Sunday … we were doing a vehicle switch to facilitate her move from Calgary to northern Alberta for her most excellent next adventure.

Already, the boarding and the grooming has picked up for folks on Christmas shopping trips, pre-Christmas visiting trips, and the like. Christmas will be pretty hectic, but as usual, under control. At least that’s the plan. I’m hoping for some more mild weather so that some dogs can be outside an appropriate number of hours, but this is not something I can count on. We have had some bitterly cold Christmas Seasons.

I received a very sad email this afternoon. The only Portuguese Water Dog that I groom and babysit, has died from cancer. His end was peacefully administered at his home by a vet, as his family would not allow him to suffer. I feel stricken; it’s never the ones we “expect”, is it? Thompson was a relatively young dog, but as with humans, cancer plays no favourites. Also, no matter how old our people or our pets become, we are not really ready…



I went into town on some very disparate missions today and Eunice joined me at lunch at Morels. We have both been feeling stressed and blue about the recent elections in McBride. There is so much animosity between what is perceived as the “old guard” and the “new regime”; it seems like you must be on one side of the fence or another. I for one do not know who to believe any more, each “side” accusing the other of nefariousness.

So Eunice and I talked about growing older, the weather, our health, cooking, Facebook, the food at Morels (always a hit), grown children and other issues close to our hearts. We didn’t breathe a word of malicious gossip or idle speculation about who did what to whom in the political arena.

I went home with a car loaded with Scentsy bars, dark chocolate bark, bags of grain, and fresh roasted coffee beans. I have to say … the vehicle had never smelled more heavenly!

I really don’t have anything else to report. I wanted to tell you about Tommy. I felt that coffee (too much coffee) had been affecting my heart, and now it feels sore because I won’t see that dog again. I feel so sad for his family.

On the whole, things here are pleasant! I can’t believe that Christmas is just around the corner, but Shelly helped by taking away and offering to deliver some packages for my sister and her daughter, thereby saving me a lot of shipping money. I don’t feel ready otherwise, but I did score some baking at the Hospital Auxiliary Bazaar on Saturday. We can eat lots of sweets!

Hope you are all very well.

Love, Ann


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