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Missing Fiona…

Humans are given a life that is long, if we’re lucky, and so we are destined to have to say goodbye to several or many pets, as we pace our decades. Gary and I haven’t seen Fiona for weeks.

She has been the barn cat who greets us daily, running up to us with a chirpy mewl and expecting a little affection. Not pushy or under foot, Fiona was a presence that I have enjoyed for quite a few years. I don’t claim to be wracked with grief, but it is always sad to simply not know what has become of an animal (pet or livestock). It does worry me to think that she might have suffered, but we have no traps or poisons, have checked our outbuildings, called and … have found no sign.

Fiona in April 2004

Percy has been back in the country working, and needs to bring his dogs at 6:30 am. . That is not very much earlier than I usually rise (and open for business), but I have been feeling tired. I should discipline myself to go to bed and to sleep earlier!

Robbie & Pearlita

Robbie & Pearlita

Robbie and Pearlita are very entertaining to have around: they are terriers and they’re good at it! Whenever possible, Robbie will take hold of a neighbouring dog’s blanket and pull it into their kennel; on any day, the two might have a big pile of bedding, and leave dogs on either side of their run with NO blanket at all. It’s just a housekeeping detail, as there is no shortage of dog bedding, so often I just deliver new blankets to replace the thieved ones.

This morning, Dave brought his two dogs who are father and son. I’ve boarded the sedate older dog, an intact malemute cross, several times. I had met Wabi’s son, Orca, but had never had him stay here.

Orca has proved to be a bit of a headache! He’s sociable and not aggressive, thank goodness, because he enjoys escaping a run, even if it’s just into the next run to play with another guest. When I moved Hunter, a pleasant golden retriever, out of the run that Orca had jumped into… the younger dog simply got up on the dog house and onto the trellis that supports the virginia creeper, and walked around up there! Had to coax him down onto a dog house roof, while hoping he didn’t get injured.

I moved Orca to our finest escape-resistant run. He fussed and barked and whined, and so I moved Wabi to the neighbouring run, also a kennel with a screen on the top. Later in the evening as I watched TV, I could hear sounds like a dog worrying the gate or chewing fencing, and discovered Orca wandering around atop the covered run. I had to help the big puppy down from six feet in the air. Now I have father and son together again in the one kennel, and Orca has not found a place to squeeze through… so far. He still stands on the doghouse inspecting the wire roof above him.

I’ll get back here with pictures for you. I’m boarding a new guest, Percy (now I have both dog and human clients named Percy!), plus Cleo, Zeus, Akili, Wally, Clemina, Smudge, Wabi and Orca, and Hunter. All is quiet at the Pet Hostel, hopefully for the night, although I have my doubts, as Orca has been pretty vocal most of the day and evening. Comes with the territory for us!

I didn’t go to the community’s big craft fair today. Beside that I have been feeling fatigued, and not wanting any particular items, I was avoiding seeing some people who had hurt my feelings lately. Enough said. Silly me.

I’d best get some sleep before my early-ish start to the day, again.

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Love, Ann





2 thoughts on “Missing Fiona…

  1. Our best friend Ghost highly recommends staying at Ann’s pet hostel. She thinks it’s a spa. She has been going to Ann’s since she was 5months old and is now 5 , and looks forward to staying. We are so grateful to the love Ann shows her and we know Ghost is always in good hands. Could not think of a better place to leave our special family member. Thanks Ann, you are a very special person to both Ghost and ourselves.

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